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    Who's Where: Frank Stephenson appointed Director of Design for Alfa Romeo


    Frank Stephenson began his new position as Director of Design at Alfa Romeo today, CDN can reveal.

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    Who's Where: Christopher Reitz appointed Director of Design at Alfa Romeo


    Christopher Reitz has been appointed to the top job at Alfa Romeo, replacing Frank Stephenson as Director of Design.

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    VIDEO: Andrea Zagato and his 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ


    Our friends over at Petrolicious have gone and produced another beautiful video, this time focusing their lens on Andrea Zagato and one of his father’s creations, the 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ.

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    Concept Car of the Week: Alfa Romeo Nuvola (1996)


    Before heading Volkswagen Group Design, Walter de Silva spent thirteen years at the reins of Alfa Romeo Centro Stile in Arese. During this time he led an effective overhaul of the brand's design language and market positioning. Keen to bring the brand back to its former glory, he undertook the ...

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    Concept Car of the Week: Alfa Romeo Disco Volante (1952)


    In 1951, straight after winning the F1 championship, Alfa Romeo surprisingly retired from racing. The tough post-war financial situation led the Italian brand to focus its investments towards more profitable projects such as the 1900 Berlina. The competition department stayed open on the condition of delivering a brand-boosting racecar for ...

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    Concept Car of the Week: Alfa Romeo Navajo (1976)


    In 1976, the space shuttle Enterprise was unveiled, Concorde made its first commercial flight and the Cray supercomputer went into service. These events represent a time when ideas transitioned from science fiction to reality.

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    Design Review: Alfa Romeo 4C concept


    The front and rear aspects show the 4C at its best and worse. The front continues the theme first seen on the 8C, and sadly proves that on a smaller vehicle this face still feels very much a force fit (the similarly adorned Mito and Giulietta suffer equally). The composition ...

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    Design Review: Alfa Romeo 4C concept


    Alfa Romeo's future is perpetually in question. The firm has recently seen a comparatively fast turn-over of design directors; it continues to miss sales targets, and the 159 replacement, the Giulia, was recently rejected at the design sign-off stage by Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne and his board. Pouring oil on ...

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    Driven: Alfa Romeo 4C


    One of the most exciting cars of 2013 from a design and driving perspective is the Alfa Romeo 4C, so Car Design News was more than a bit excited to get behind its wheel to see if initial promise could match real-world driving reality.

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    Alfa Romeo 4C – don’t believe the hype


    Alfa’s 4C is here in Geneva in production form

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    IED/Alfa Romeo Gloria: hide and sleek


    Alfa Romeo is, it’s fair to say, a carmaker whose design department is fiercely proud of its traditions and history