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    Audi Metroproject Quattro


    This is a pre-production teaser of the new A1 that Audi plans to launch next year as a new premium B-Segment entry model for the range.

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    Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro


    Following the Cross Coupe concept unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show and the Roadjet estate-crossover from Detroit last year is this new crossover concept from Audi. Whilst very similar in proportion and design theme to the Cross Coupe, the Cross Cabriolet shares no surfaces with the German-designed Shanghai show car.Designed ...

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    Audi A5 Sportback


    Although the A5 Sportback is being shown for the first time at Frankfurt, the development program for this vehicle ran concurrently with the A5 coupe and cabriolet.

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    Audi E-Tron Detroit


    This is the third time Audi has affixed the E-Tron nomenclature to a concept car, but while the previous concepts seen at the Frankfurt and Los Angeles auto shows in 2009 showcased an electric powertrain in the shell of the Audi R8, the Detroit E-Tron is based on a shortened ...

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    Audi A8


    The Audi A8 shown at the NAIAS in Detroit was only one of only three production debuts at the show, but the A8 actually made its first public appearance at an exclusive event in Miami late last year.

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    Audi A1


    Alongside the new BMW 5 Series, the Audi A1 is arguably the most important production debut of the show.

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    Audi e-tron Spyder


    Where the quattro Concept caused a certain amount of consternation for its brutal graphics and overt retro-ness, the e-tron Spyder draws subtle nods of appreciation – surely a more appropriate reaction to an Audi.

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    Audi A7 Sportback


    Audi's latest example of micro-nicheing made its motor show debut here in Paris.

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    Audi to bring OLED lighting concept to Frankfurt


    Advanced tech takes a step closer to reality

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    Audi Quattro


    With the 1980s coursing so strongly through the veins of popular culture, it's hardly surprising that on-trend manufacturers are mining their archives for material to feed the zeitgeist. And who better than Audi, manufacturer of arguably the most iconic car of the 80's – the Quattro – to herald what ...

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    Audi A6


    Those hoping for the new Audi A6 to usher in a design revolution for the brand – a role the model has been tasked with since the badge on its trunklid read '100' – will be disappointed. However, those who are beguiled by exquisite design resolution will find solace in ...

  • Audi A4 2015 01

    First Sight: Audi A4 (2015)


    Jens Meiners on why the latest model is far more impressive than it first appears

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    Audi partners with Baidu, China's rival to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay


    Baidu CarLife integration coming to Audi's Chinese-market models

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    Audi Prologue Allroad gives us déjà vu


    Recent auto shows have been marked by Audi experiencing the awkwardness of being caught between its present and future; launching production cars designed under departed design head Wolfgang Egger, while showing Prologue concepts that are ushering in Marc Lichte’s direction for the brand

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    VW and Audi hit the brakes


    While we were getting close up with the VW C Coupe, we spotted that the concept was using brake discs that use crenellations to increase surface area and thus cool more efficiently

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    Audi’s new R8 is lost in transition


    The most striking thing about the original R8 was that Audi got so many things right. Its design in particular was a model of consistency, as it provided an explicit link between range-topping supercar and entry-level supermini

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    Nissan’s LMP1 car rethinks proportions


    How do you make a the World Endurance Championship-winning Toyota TS040 and Audi R8 e-tron LMP1 cars look a bit same-same?

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    Audi Q7 has a lot going on, not all of it good


    We’ve touched on the idea that SUVs are becoming more car-like, and that’s a point neatly reinforced by Audi’s new Q7

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    Audi’s new design strategy sees the light


    Although the LA show’s first proper press day is underway, significant world debuts are relatively few and far between. However, regardless of the event, Audi’s Prologue concept would be a stand-out

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    What exactly is ‘Sportback’, Audi?


    Audi unveiled its A1 Sportback here in Tokyo and it’s a perfectly nice car – just like an A1, but with five doors