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  • Chery Fv 2030 1

    Beijing 2016: Chery FV 2030 is a crowd-pulling concept


    Autonomous concept draws the crowds, and for good reason

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    Beijing 2016: Audi Connected Mobility concept — is that it?


    Putting a skateboard in a Q3 seems rather cynical to us

  • Karlmann King 1

    Beijing 2016: Karlmann King is a $1.85m vision in fractals


    Overblown SUV could herald an extreme end of a new customising trend in China

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    Car designs of the year named by Car Design News


    Volvo S90 and Porsche Mission E awarded at special Geneva motor show event

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    Register now for record-breaking Car Design Awards China 2016 ceremony


    Don't miss your chance to mix with the rising stars of Chinese automotive design

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    Car Design Awards China contest now open for entries



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    Brilliance Junjie wagon


    Since its launch at the Beijing Motor Show in March 2006 -where it won the Best New Car prize for its category - Brilliance sold 35,367 units of the Junjie sedan, increasing to 72,502 units in 2007.

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    Chery V5


    Government owned Chery Motors was at full strength at Auto China 2006, with three concept cars, each displaying their own distinct characteristics. Chery's V5, an MPV-type CUV targeting the likes of the Nissan Geniss and the Honda Odyssey, might have been the least eye-catching car at the Chery display booth ...

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    Beijing Motor Show 2006 - Highlights


    While Auto China 2006 showcased an abundance of concept cars, in particular CUVs, one notable type of vehicle which wasn't being displayed much was the ever popular, small sedans for the Chinese market. The newly released Saibao V, a C-segment sedan was about the only noticeable vehicle in this segment ...

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    Chevrolet MPV5 Volt


    GM chose the Beijing motor show to show the Chevrolet MPV5 Volt - a new hybrid prototype inspired by the Volt sedan.

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    Yanfeng Visteon Q-e concept


    Many visitors to the Beijing motor show will have missed this Yanfeng Visteon concept tucked away in one of supplier halls, but studio manager Shizuki Kajiyama is well known to us here at CDN and was keen to show us around his Chinese design team's latest creation.

  • South East Motor Dx7 Design Development 01

    Design Development: South East Motor DX7


    Behind the scenes of Pininfarina's first production car for the Chinese SEM brand

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    Pininfarina develops two new Chinese cars


    June 11, 2002 - Pininfarina has designed two new and cute cars for Hafei, their Chinese patron.

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    Chery V5


    Chinese manufacturer Chery has unveiled their new V5 at the Hangzhou Motor Show. Originally shown at the Beijing Motor Show in 2004, the V5 is a crossover combining estate with MPV and seats up to seven.

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    Chery concept cars


    Chery is to unveil two new concept cars at the forthcoming Beijing Motor Show. The two show-cars, called Lei and Lui (Italian for She and He) have been designed and developed by Torino Design, the new Turinese automotive design and engineering company started by former Bertone boss Roberto Piatti.

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    Chery Shooting Sport concept


    Chinese manufacturer Chery will be presenting the Shooting Sport concept at the Shanghai Motor Show this week. The Shooting Sport was designed and constructed by Torino Design in Italy, as with the recent Coupe and SUV shown at the Beijing Motor Show. The car is a compact, front wheel drive, ...

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    Audi Q5


    Audi has chosen the Beijing Motor Show to unveil its new mid-sized Q5 SUV.

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    Video: Buick Invicta


    General Motor's Buick brand is blossoming in China, so the automaker chose the largest Chinese Auto Show this year to unveil its latest concept: the Invicta.

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    Nissan Teana


    The Nissan Teana, which made its debut at the Auto China 2008 in Beijing, is now on sale at dealers across Japan. First shown at the Tokyo Motor Show last year as the Intima concept, Nissan plans to sell only 1000 models per month in the Japanese market - the ...

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    SAIC Leaf concept


    The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) will unveil this futuristic concept at next week's Beijing motor show. Called the Leaf, the new concept has no relation to Nissan's concept car shown in Tokyo last year. It is a much more fanciful two-seat concept car whose design is entirely open to ...