New Coventry graduate Ben Thompson’s downloadable portfolio


Ben Thompson has just graduated from Coventry (with a First) and is now looking for a job. His portfiolio is attached, so have a look.

Ben: ”Design has been my number-one passion for as long as I can remember and I still use most my free time to sketch, and develop my skills as an automotive designer. I am a second degree black belt in ITF Taekwondo. I have competed on a national level and have also helped teach students at my club. This training has made me very disciplined and it challenges me both physically and mentally. I enjoy having the opportunity to work outside of my comfort zone as it aids my learning. I am quick learner as I find my subjects very interesting.”

CDN Portfolio Ben Thompson Maserati Diatto (BA Thesis)

Maserati Diatto


CDN Portfolio Ben Thompson Maserati Diatto (BA Thesis) plan view

Plan view of Ben Thompson’s Maserati Diatto (BA Thesis)


Portfolio Sktech

Early sketches of a more extreme variant of the Range Rover Sport