Czinger’s Design Director on the 21C


Car Design News spoke to Czinger chief design officer, David O’Connell, about the new 3D printed 21C hybrid hypercar

There are many new supercars and hypercars with headline-grabbing four-figure power outputs, lots of accompanying chatter about striving for light weight through use of advanced materials, and usually some form of electrified powertrain. None of them, however, are quite the same as the Czinger 21C. Far from a straightforward us-too supercar start-up, Czinger has reimagined car production and based not just their car but their whole factory around two key technologies: generative design, and additive manufacturing. The results were, finally, put on proud display at the international launch in London earlier this month. CDN was there, and spoke to the LA-based company’s affable chief design officer, David O’Connell.

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