Porsche unveils the vision 357 concept in Berlin; Michael Mauer gives us the inside scoop

Porsche Vision 357 concept 847_ret_hires

The design study pays homage to the Porsche 356 in celebration of the brand’s 75th anniversary — and aims to spark designers’ creativity. 

In recent years we’ve seen a bevy of Porsche concept cars, some of which were hidden away for years before breaking cover before curious fans. But the Porsche Vision 357 Concept, shown this week at Volkswagen Group’s Drive Forum in Berlin, was designed from the start to be in the limelight. 

“One of the major motivations to show the car was to tell the story of how we work and the freedom we have in the design department,” said Porsche design boss Michael Mauer (who was also recently named the successor to Klaus Zyciora as head of all of VW Group design) in a discussion ahead of the Vision 357 debut. 

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