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Your webinar questions answered: How tier 1 suppliers are responding to tough headwinds

You asked, we answer. We return to the questions from our audience that we didn’t have time to answer in our live webinar, ranging from which parts of automotive tier 1 suppliers’ business models are at risk of commodification, to how tier suppliers are changing supply chain processes

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Watch our webinar: How to mitigate falling profits in the automotive supply base

Following our latest report: Automotive Tier Supplier Profit Analysis 2020, watch our webinar: How to mitigate falling profits in the automotive supply base, where our automotive analysts provide more in-depth insights into where Tier 1 supplier profit margins are heading and what the impact will be on automotive R&D.

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    Concept Car of the Month: Opel Experimental GT (1965)


    In the guiding hands of a young of Erhard Schnell, this month’s concept car, the Experimental GT, marked a turning point for Opel Design

  • cdn-toyota-camry-interior

    HMI walk through: Toyota Camry

    2020-02-12T09:31:00+00:00Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens guides you through the Toyota Camry’s HMI, which combines an instrument cluster screen, modest size head unit screen, and plenty of traditional buttons. Watch to see how these elements work together to form the Camry’s in-car UX

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    Design Essay: Big Screen, Big Problem?


    Integrating screens in car interiors comes with a set of significant problems, from aesthetic decisions to considering the life-cycle of the vehicle. You could argue that how screens are handled within the instrument panel highlights many of the wider creative challenges of mobility design