College Exhibition: Art Center College of Design Spring 2014
by Karl Smith | Studio photography Vahe D'Ala    19 May 2014
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Ferenc Fero Tobak
BMW 8 Species

In another BMW sponsored project, Fero Tobak imagines a new type of sports tourer that exploits advances in interaction and production processes to create a new kind of driver and passenger experience. The exterior, though heavily influenced by the interior layout, also speaks of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept (now i8), and the recent Vision Luxury sedan. The interior seating is separated into individual structural cells, each tied to the suspension to give both driver and passengers a complete sense of the car's handling and performance while its enormous greenhouse opens up the view in all directions.

Adriano Raeli
Ferrari F80

A crowd favorite among attendees at the show, this 'ultimate hypercar' seeks to bring a more authentic Formula One experience to the street. Its body is highly sculpted to reduce frontal area and channel air through and around the vehicle, improving overall aerodynamics. The two-occupant interior has an offset semi-tandem seating arrangement with the driver in a lying, F1 seating position.

Jiyeon Jenny Ha
Audi TT R4

Sponsored by Audi, Jenny Ha has designed a sports coupe for 2018 that positions itself between the TT and the R8. Design cues from both those cars find themselves in this proposed coupé The overall form is reminiscent of the smaller car, but is lower and has a longer wheelbase. The more aggressive stance, flared wheel arches and graphics as well as the mid engine power train placement speak to the R8's influence. The superb model was accompanied excellent graphics charting the development of this proposal.

Chunky Vazirani
Rolls-Royce Eternal Shadow

This vision of a future Rolls-Royce coupé proposal that updates the marque's traditional proportions with a new, more dynamic aesthetic, influenced by the flaring of water as a boat moves through it. The extended hood shelters a V12 engine with a mechanical system that stores energy in the compression of springs like a Swiss watch. All this is visible through a transparent power dome, which transitions seamlessly into the windshield, providing a very fluid, unbroken surface from grille to rear deck.

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