Art Center College of Design operates a trimester system, which means that three classes a year graduate. The spring show is usually the largest, and, this year, included more graduates from the college’s fledgling graduate transportation department. We were in Pasadena for a busy afternoon and evening – not only were the graduates in all departments being previewed, but the results of the SABIC-sponsored competition for Generation Alpha were also being announced.

Graduate Transportation Program

Nishit Kamath

AirHound Rescue System


Airhound is an autonomous system for search and rescue personnel that locates, diagnoses, and maintains contact with individuals who are lost or stranded. Human rescuers are kept out of harm's way until conditions are appropriate for evacuation. The system consists of an unmanned UAV plane – the Hound – which carries four-rotored robotic pups that can drop down to a victim, making contact and sensing vital signs. Onboard cameras, a microphone and speakers allow two-way contact with emergency personnel. A commendable effort to address the problems of search and rescue in remote regions such as the American West.