College Exhibition: CAFA University degree show 2012
by Xie Guoqing and Bai Jianan    28 Jun 2012
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Senior transportation design students at China's Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) presented their degree projects in the school's annual graduate exhibition in Beijing.

Professor Edward Wong and Audi China studio designers advised the seven students throughout their project development. Four projects focusing on the theme 'Beijing 2053 Public Transportation Design', while three projects, sponsored by Audi China, explored the theme of '2053 Audi'.

The projects represent the ever-increasing standard of student design work in China.

Xiongxi Zhen
2053 Future Cargo truck

Zhen decided to explore what kind of cargo truck would be seen on the roads in 2053 after wondering what damage is done to people as well as the environment by current machines. The 2053 Future Cargo Truck seeks to protect the environment through the use of electric power, while creating a ‘friendly' aesthetic. A telescopic system allows the truck to stretch and shrink to save space by changing key components such as wheels and rear body sections.

Jing Liu
2053 Beijing BUS

Beijing suffers from serious traffic congestion and air pollution because of an increasing population and an increasing number of cars. Liu's project is a proposal for a bus replacement designed to be fast, safe and environmentally friendly. The 2053 Beijing BUS is designed using new materials and travels above traffic by running on rails either side of the road

Bo Gao
2053 Beijing Taxi

This 2053 Beijing Taxi is designed to be sustainable and provide ample space for passengers and storage. It's fitted with advanced technology and an intelligent driving system for increased safety. An interactive system helps avoid accidents and includes a speed display screen on the rear to remind drivers behind to keep their distance. Mobility in Beijing is becoming a headache for the Chinese government, with the city seeing increasingly serious traffic congestion and pollution.

Zhina Yu
2053 MH-35

Yu predicts our lives will have dramatically changed by 2053 as climate change warms the earth, raising sea levels. Oceans will replace land as the main place to live, hence a vehicle with the ability to travel on both water and land. Powered by solar hydrogen energy, the MH-35 looks like a cross between a boat and a car. The cockpit can detach from the body for personal transport, while inside it is laid out like a house for nomadic living.

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