College Exhibition: Creapole 2013
by CDN Team    20 Jun 2013
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Creapole's class of 2013 used its end-of-year degree show to research many emerging areas for improved mobility as well as alternative research into emerging cultural trends towards certain OEMs.

From healthcare infrastructure in Polynesia and raising road safety awareness in Italy, to car-sharing with a twist from Renault, each project delves into the socio-economic needs of various markets.

Once again, Creapole delves into the human psyche and its prerequisite values that constantly shift and change.

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Geoffrey Hoyer
Mitsubishi Oriata
This autogyro concept by Mitsubishi aims to address the problems of healthcare support across the vast region of Polynesia, where the inland area is as vast as Europe but there are only four hospitals. This inexpensive, hybrid gyrocopter concept will reduce the medical isolation of the inhabitants, providing air-lift support in cases of non-urgent medical interventions that do not require the use of more technical medically-adapted aircraft.

Jennifer Andriamamonjy
Renault Madagas'Car

Running on biogas, this Madagas'Car concept for Renault is a low-cost sharing vehicle built in Madagascar by using natural woven fibers, inspired by local basketry and woodworking techniques. For every 10 cars purchased in France, a Malagasy family will receive a donated vehicle. With the integration of the fair-trade concept, this ecological car would create more jobs and infrastructures in the region.

David-Alexandre Techer
Smart forME
Today's emerging Y-generation are less about the Cartesian cogito ‘I think, therefore I am' and more about ‘I see, I am seen so I am'. With the emergence of autonomous cars, will car exteriors eventually be a series of images and unorthodox shapes? The heart of the car, the interior, will it be disassociated from the action of driving, turning, perhaps, into a new value of transhumanism merging humanity with technology?



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