College Exhibition: Creapole 2013
by CDN Team    20 Jun 2013
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Geoffrey Rossillion
Voisin Vortex
This unique, luxury automotive concept marks the glorious return of the mythical brand and its conception between aviation and the automobile. Fueled by a creative and avant-gardist vision, this concept aims to re-establish the craftsmanship and creativity of Avions-Voisin from the 1930s into the future.

Adrien Dauptain
The Piuma commuter train of San Marino aims to address two things. One is to improve transport safety for young scooter commuters while at the same time re-establishing the tourism industry of the region. Inspired by proud symbols of the region, notably the plume of a feather, this train allows up to 20 scooters per carriage, saving commuting time for such riders.

Hugo Michaudel
Peugeot Quintessence
The Quintessence interior project confronts the disenchanting state of the automobile today, asking whether it is still a great source of pleasure? Addressing these issues of re-enchantment, the Quintessence explores the role of aesthetics of the car of tomorrow by impregnating it with the freer DNA of yesteryear. It is born out of the influence of ‘dandyism' in the French automotive language and its appeal for the hedonistic couple.

Jean-Côme Moulet
Red Bull Dragonfly
Dragonfly is an amphibious, high-performance vehicle that meets consumers' needs by fusing diverse techniques for the coastal population. It ultimately proposes a new sport that integrates existing surf-related sports with speed for thrill-seekers.

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