College Exhibition: Creapole 2013
by CDN Team    20 Jun 2013
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Sarah Tran

BMW Monster Glam
Monsters and vampires have today invaded today's mainstream culture. Today's current generation is prouder of its defects than previous generations, and is far removed from any quest for perfection. The Monster High Dolls that have replaced Barbie in today's playgrounds reflect the changes of society and will condition our taste in adulthood. This unusual insight for the automobile is an evolutionary domain certainly worth considering.

Hamza Koptan
Volkswagen Uthos
The Uthos concept vehicle is for science addicts who have the same curiosity, rational and poetic outlook of French science-fiction writer Bernard Werber, and invites us to explore through our dreams. The three-seat, face-to-face layout of this prospective interior aims to give an insight into the vehicles of the future, specifically at translucent imagery on roof panels.

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