College Exhibition: Lawrence Technological University 2013
by Rufus Thompson    14 Jun 2013
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Fourth, third and second year Transportation Design students from the Lawrence Technological University (LTU) in Detroit, Michigan have showcased their 2013 projects, forming the sixth annual degree show at the US college. The latest talent from the university developed some innovative and interesting designs, accompanied by high-quality sketches and conception work. 

The exhibition also showcased a number of collaborative efforts as well as internship projects and projects sponsored by Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevrolet and Jeep.

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Fourth Year Seniors

Kyle Robie
Ford sponsored project - 2025 Ford C-Max

The 2025 Ford C-MAX was designed and developed as a delivery vehicle for the Chinese marketplace. The largely Lexan composite body side facilitates the ingress and egress of passengers and packages, while its clean, uncluttered front end hints at the alternative power plant within.

Cherise Caldwell
Ford Sponsored Project - 2025 Ford CrossWinds
The year is 2025, and the millennials are craving an escape from the strict confines of the overcrowded cities. Caldwell's Ford CrossWinds concept harnesses nature's power to provide millennials with a carbon-neutral joyride powered by wind and solar, able to travel at three times the speed of the wind. It has an aerodynamic boat-hull shape that reduces drag and on a windy day both doors transform into sails. Its roof structure is inspired by the Gothic-style vaulted ceilings of Europe while its glass enclosure contains multiple solar panels that power the wheel hub motors on days when the wind speed is low.

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