College Exhibition: Lawrence Technological University 2013
by Rufus Thompson    14 Jun 2013
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Colin Bonathan
Ford Sponsored Project - 2025 RS3000

Bonathan's Ford is designed to represent a leap forward in rally technology. Designed for the year 2025, it is an EV which is supported by a large solar panel under the glass of the cockpit. Power is transmitted to all four wheels through a hydraulic power transfer system. It utilizes a large chin-splitter, diffuser, airfoils at each wheel, and wheel house air evacuation for low drag and high downforce. It's designed as the ultimate rally machine, ready to tackle any road that's thrown at it.

Colin Bonathan
Ford Internship Project - Ford Fairwater
Designed for a future in which global warming causes sea levels to rise, and rather than be displaced, the billions of people who live in coastal cities choose to live an amphibious lifestyle. When traveling through the water, the Fairwater uses vertical intake turbines to generate thrust, and hydrofoils to create lift to guide itself over the water. When traveling along land, its suspension transforms, turning the turbines into wheels. The Fairwater features a compound side door for dockside loading, and diamond seating arrangement for a more hydro and aerodynamic body shape.

Colin Bonathan
Magnetron Movie Car Project
Set in a not-so-distant future, Bonathan's movie Magnatron: The Future Of Racing is intended to give a new meaning to getting the inside line. The protagonist is a driver in the Magnatron stock car series, where magnets at the apex of every corner slingshot the driver nearest to it around the curve. The driver who can make the pass for the inside line becomes the hero and wins the race.

Jeeho Cha

Ford Sponsored Project - Ford Cross
The Ford Cross concept is for handicapped drivers who are seeking a vehicle with a sporty design to express themselves. The vehicle is comparable in size to a Ford Escape and features omni-directional wheels to enable the driver easily negotiate the vehicle in confined locations

Jeeho Cha
Chrysler Minivan Interior Project

The Chrysler minivan interior is made of innovative ideas in IP packaging and integrates future display technology to enhance the user experience. The innovative display panel featured in the door uses a curved OLED display to create different moods inside the vehicle.


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