College Exhibition: Lawrence Technological University 2013
by Rufus Thompson    14 Jun 2013
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Matt Eash

Ford Sponsored Project - Ford Exceed

The Ford Exceed is designed as the first autonomous vehicle from Ford Motor Company. This front-wheel drive electric C-segment vehicle was designed with the commuter in mind. Its aero-efficient body allows it to reach speeds of 150mph, it is the first in a new breed of vehicles designed to adapt to the changing infrastructure of the United States.

Third Year Juniors - Group Projects

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Yacob Nigatu, Eryu Shi and Ashley Nieman

Chrysler Sponsored Group Project - Chrysler Vanwagon
This Chrysler interior group project is designed as a minivan with enhanced in-vehicle interaction, improved ingress and egress, and increased interior volume for disabled users. The interior features wireless charging throughout, while the rear section is designed specifically to fit the functional needs of children as well as color and material selections that aesthetically attract and interest them while on trip in the minivan.

Justin McCandless, Dave Toennies and Lindsey Grant

Dodge Sponsored Group Project - Dodge Node

The Dodge Node is designed to solve the problems of parking, car ownership and commuting and is part of a vehicle share program consisting of a compact, folding two-seater car and an electric-assisted folding bicycle. The cars and bikes are stored underground and can be retrieved by using a mobile app. The vehicle alerts other users when it is vacant, or it will drive itself to the nearest station to charge. Induction charges located around the car allow it to share power with other Nodes. Video chatting between connected Nodes can then occur, and the car allows the passengers to interact with the outside environment by projecting points of interest on the glass and suggesting activities based on previous destinations.

Emilio Feliciano, Tony Osorio and Annie Knoff

Jeep Sponsored Group Project - Jeep Guardian

Staying true to its brand, the Jeep Guardian aims to encourage Jeep users to adventure and explore on and off road. The Guardian is a small device that captures motion for the gesture based 3D interface, which also works with other products such as helmets and glasses or other personal devices the bridge the gap between the interior and exterior experience. The Guardian can record unique routes, share photos, and keeps users safe and connected when in remote locations. When a hiking trip or off road adventure ends, users can share their routes, photos, and journals and challenge other Jeep Guardian users to meet, beat, or improve their route.


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