College Exhibition: Lawrence Technological University 2013
by Rufus Thompson    14 Jun 2013
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Emilio Feliciano

Lear / Buick Passenger Experience Project
Feliciano's two concepts explore different scenarios for future interiors focused on passenger experiences. The first (blue project, top left) explores public autonomous transportation focusing on creating an engaging experience in any city by creating personalized tours that appeal to each individual customer. The second (brown interior) focuses on autonomous/chauffeur driven vehicles exploring the idea of the interior becoming the destination rather than being purely a means of transportation.

Second Year Sophomores

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Mike Levich
Chevrolet Sponsored Project - 2025 Chevrolet Volt

The 2025 Chevrolet Volt makes use of several emerging technologies such as lithium-air batteries, drive-by-wire technology, and carbon nano-tube fiber. The vehicle maximizes energy efficiency while giving as much internal space as possible to the customer for passengers and cargo. It is a fully electric vehicle designed for global markets where it will be used in the city as well as whatever terrain is native to the region.

Nelson VanWagoner
Chevrolet Sponsored Project - 2025 Chevrolet Volt

The 2025 Chevrolet Volt brings vintage racing heritage into the electric car future. This car is designed for customers with long highway commutes across the vast plains and deserts of the world. The propulsion system consists of two lithium battery powered electric hub motors with secondary roof solar panels. The car's aggressive stance and sleek aerodynamic shape are influenced by vintage land speed record cars to break the mold of a traditional electric car.


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