Watch: How will CMF shape an electric future?

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Watch this premier livestream, in partnership with Ultrafabrics, where our panel will explore new ways to reshape the exterior and interior of cars.

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The automotive design world is undergoing huge universal change with new ways to reshape the exterior and interior of cars. Across materials, finishes, and trends, CMF teams sit at the heart of these changes.

What will the challenges and opportunities be for CMF designers in the new era of EV design?

New platforms and technology will need a new aesthetic that will harness materials, texture and colour to attract the next generation of customers. CMF teams can find inspiration and innovation in parallel creative industries beyond automotive. With a greater interest in wider issues such as sustainability, there will be a greater focus on how materials and colour finishes can enhance the performance, lightweighting and durability of the car. With potential avenues open to solving these issues, reduced colour pallets being a prime example, secondary finishes will play a greater role in defining the car interior.

There is also the UX question: how will this fast-moving aspect of design affect CMF choices? As EVs become dominant, at least in the medium term, CMF teams are in a unique position to shape the future.

Car Design News invites you to explore how that future may look.



Nicola Danks
Colour & Materials Design Manager

Marie-Camille Lecoq 
Head of CMF & Sustainability  

Jennifer Hendren
Senior Director, Product Development


James McLachlan
Car Design News

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