College Exhibition: NID Degree Show 2009
by Eric Gallina    09 Feb 2010
Concept Growth concept by Shailendra Petwal. Click for larger images
Zephyr concept by Gautam Nair
Lowie Vermeesch (right) giving feedback to Lalit Yaduvanshi (left)
BMW eX2 concept board by Sameer Malkhare
NID's graduating students and faculty members
A special thanks to Ramesh Gound for helping us organize this article

Concept Growth
Shailendra Petwal

'Concept Growth', another concept sponsored by Renault Design India, is a futuristic car whose core identity comes from the spiral form. Inspired from a natural element ‘creeper', the exterior aesthetic conveys a sense of motion. The concept also incorporates futuristic technology: the single person mobility device is not constrained to land or water - it can move on rails, used off-road on sand or mud and can travel through water like a submarine with some minor changes. By blending the parameters future technology and aesthetics and the desires of youth Petwal has devised a fresh take on an affordable mobility solution for future generations.

Concept Growth interior rendering
Zephyr concept interior by Gautam Nair
'A Car for Car Sharing' exterior and interior (below) animations by Yaduvanshi Lalit
BMW eX2 animation by Sameer Malkhare
Patrick le Quement giving feedback to Ramesh Gound on IndDESIGN competition

Icarus Project:  Zephyr
Gautam Nair

Developed for the purpose of carsharing, this concept proposes a completely different platform for the users to express their individuality. Flexible, and with various features that enable customization, the vehicle can be specifically tailored and adaptable, like a chameleon. The ‘Zephyr' was designed with a customizable skin, user centric flexible interface, form changing seats and flexible interiors to cater the needs of most people. Just by the swipe of a card, the vehicle's seating ergonomics can be adjusted based on the user's preferred car settings. It also showcases a range of upcoming materials and propulsion technology for the automotive industry.    

A Car for Car Sharing
Yaduvanshi Lalit

Looking at the future of personal transportation within the context of urban centers - like Melbourne - this project places equal emphasis upon both styling with digital modeling and its usage of sustainable materials. The project offers opportunities for design and systems development in the field of car design, future studies and sustainability. Sustainable transportation is a strong theme in the program - both at the product and systems levels. The project to promote car sharing focuses upon the design of new kinds of vehicle types and systems to enable effective shared personal transport.

Sameer Malkhare

Another vehicle created with the intention of use in a car-sharing scheme, the eX2 concept was designed to be equally adaptable to weekly supermarket visits as well as weekend family outings - or even a long drive from Melbourne to Sydney. The compressed air/electric hybrid car provides the practicality of a utility vehicle and efficiency of a city car in a four door, four passenger package. It offers flexible space, with suspended folding seats that double up the luggage area when users need it the most.

The tutors on the Transportation and Automobile Design program include Pradyumna Vyas, Mentor Transportation Design; Praveen Nahar, Transportation Design Coordinator; and senior faculty members Anindya Roy and Vipul Vinzuda. Currently Pininfarina, Renault Design India, Hyundai Design India, TVS Motors, TATA Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Fiat and other Indian auto-companies are contributing towards tutoring and offering students industrial exposure.

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