College Exhibition: Umea Institute of Design Degree Show 2005
by Brett Patterson   
Exhibition opening at the BildMuseet Umea

Umea Institute of Design is situated in the north of Sweden, just 300km from the Arctic Circle. The days are very long there during this time of year and all the extra sunlight seems to the give the students a great deal of inspiration and motivation.

This year's degree exhibition opened June 3, and has once again displayed an excellent mix of projects, influenced by the schools emphasis on Scandinavian design values and also by the Interaction Design and Advanced Product Design courses that are taught alongside the Transportation Design course. 37 graduates from 19 countries have concluded their Bachelors or Masters degree this spring and among these, 9 students are from the Transportation Design MA programme.

This year's MA Transportation Design degree programme was led by Programme Leader Tony Catignani (UID), Assistant Programme Leader Demian Horst (UID) and Degree Project Tutor Taras Czornyj (GM Europe Advanced Design). The degree projects included:


Mauricio Bedolla Gasca explains his 'Scania Toolbots' concept

Scania Toolbots
Mauricio Bedolla Gasca (Mexico). Sponsored by Scania.

Toolbots is a conceptual exploration between leading technologies such as robotics, avionics, e-drive, gyroscopic balance, and transportation for the year 2040. The result is a complete work team of semi-autonomous units in an integrated vehicle controlled by a highly skilled and professional driver. This project has been an opportunity to explore postures to clearly differentiate the character and task of each team member and also to push the Scania brand to the future.

'Crossbreed' by Pasi Paananem

Pasi Paananem (Finland). Sponsored by Bomber Magazine.

The kit motorcycle industry originated 30 years ago in the USA, when some workshops started manufacturing custom made frames for the bike enthusiast. This market is now growing rapidly, as it is gaining a foothold in Europe too. Crossbreed introduces a modular solution to this market. The modular subframe, rear swing arm and front fork allow the customer to configure and update the bike as they like. Crossbreed features three main models: Streamer, Fighter and Chopper. The concept combines classic and modern elements, respecting the true sprit of hot rodding and what it stands for.

'Volvo-E' by Eyal Cremer

Eyal Cremer (Israel). Sponsored by Volvo Car Corporation.

Volvo-E is a people carrier that fits the next kind of Volvo buyer's lifestyle, by taking the traditional Volvo core values to the extreme. The vehicle features a unique rear cabin seating arrangement and door systems. For the efficient use of energy and the strong aesthetic statement, aerodynamics was the main inspiration.

Volvo Dakar Race Truck by Stian Sorlie

Volvo Dakar Race Truck
Stian Sorlie (Norway). Sponsored by Volvo Trucks.

This is a project that is based on a scenario for the Dakar rally 2015, where a new class has entered. The new class, T5 - eco trucks, includes fuel consumption as a part of the challenge. Alternative power sources and aerodynamic considerations are central issues for the design. The race is used as a showcase for Volvo Trucks, where this utility, rescue vehicle is meant to boost Volvo's environmental brand profile. The whole scenario is an important subject for the truck industry, that needs to expand its quality and performance oriented profile, by developing a more environmental and fuel efficient image.

'LRV +' by Jonathan Tatum

Jonathan Tatum (UK). In collaboration with Land Rover.

There are two ways to look at an SUV, as a versatile tool or an unnecessary problem. LRV + is a friendly SUV model for Land Rover in North America. A compact, hydrogen fuel cell 4x4, targeted for the small premium sector. Capable for use as a multi functional outdoor tool or clever enough to accommodate people and luggage within a compact package in the city. The project addresses issues arising from 'anti-SUV' groups, whilst still offering the comfort and capabilities of the much loved American sports utility.