Design Contest: Michelin Challenge Design announces 2007 theme and call for entries
01 Feb 2006
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Michelin Challenge Design exhibition at the 2006 North American International Auto Show. Click for larger images
'Cresty' by Tamas Hartai, 'Hyanide' by Tilmann Schlootz & Oliver Keller
At the 2006 North American International Auto Show, Michelin Challenge Design announced its theme for the 2007 Challenge. Michelin Challenge Design will ask entrants to explore the future of transportation design using safety as the focus and inspiration.

"Road Safety for Everyone" is the official theme in what has become one of the industy's fastest-growing design forums.

For 2007, the challenge is to design a vehicle for the North American market that enhances overall road safety, incorporating safety features for the occupants, but also for others who share the road. Designers should consider how their proposed vehicles interact with vehicles of other sizes and types to emphasize accident avoidance, occupant protection and pedestrian safety. These principal criteria must be balanced with consideration of commercial viability in terms of the overall visual appeal of the vehicle. The designer should note any key technologies that enable safety and give a clear explanation of their function and how they will be integrated into the vehicle.

In the last five years, Michelin Challenge Design has been the catalyst for design students, design firms, professional designers from top car companies, and individual designers from all over the world to have their work exhibited at a major international auto show in support of a central theme. Last year, submissions were received from designers in more than 40 countries. The competition has featured five geographic design themes: Italian (2002); French (2003); Cars for the Emerging Chinese market (2004); German (2005) and California (2006).

Michelin Challenge Design will accept submissions until April 13, 2006 for works that will receive prominent display in the MCD exhibit at the North American International Auto Show next January 7-21, 2007.

Complete information on Michelin Challenge Design, including 2007 entry requirements, themes, news and details, is available at the Challenge website: