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17 Jan 2010
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Fireworks over Cologne, Germany, during the July 11 Seminar. Click for larger images
Building scale clay models in three days!
August 22 Seminar workroom
Chris Daniels of Kia Design
Pascal Grappey of Citroen (center) offers personal attention

Independent design studio Motorcity Europe (MCE) is launching another series of two- and five-day design workshops aimed at broadening the skills, experience and job prospects of anyone working - or looking to work - within the field of automotive design. Based on the massive success of the MCE Summer Seminars, these follow up workshops in February 2010 will be an intensely improved version, open to all skill levels of design. Top sponsors including Autodesk, Wacom and RLE Int'l will also be supporting this event.

MCE Design Seminar promotional video
David Beasley (Pininfarina) giving sketch demo at August 8 Seminar
August 8 Seminar group
Hugo Nightingale (Jaguar Design) and David Hilton giving sketch demos
Attendees enjoy a casual lunch break

Held within the RLE-MCE design studio in Cologne, Germany, the workshops will see well-known design professionals instruct on a range of design techniques, including sketching and visualizing, clay and digital modeling, portfolio improvement, presentation skills, creative thinking and automotive and product design business strategies. These seminars are open to students, graduates, design professionals and even non-designers seeking to gain experience in the field.

As such, the seminars are broken down into two levels: intermediate and advanced. The latter is only open to those with a degree in automotive or industrial design, or higher-level design students. Both groups can choose between a two-day intensive weekend course (€475), or a five-day Project Workshop (€975) that will see attendees walk out with a portfolio project 3D model developed under the guidance of MCE's design professionals. Previous guest presenters have included working designers from Ford, Pininfarina, Citroen, Kia, Jaguar and more.

All attendees to the workshop will have their own Alias Autostudio workstations equipped with Wacom tablets and sketch pads. No experience in Alias is required, all tricks and tips taught are easy to learn and use. The 600-square-meter studio is equipped with a full-size measuring plate, a complete shop and all the materials required to build scale models.

"I was amazed at how much the individuals accomplished in the summer seminars," explains MCE Director, David Hilton. "These follow up workshops are all about creativity, talent building and portfolio improvement in an interactive environment. It's fascinating to get designers together in one studio setting, learning from each other, trading contacts and concepts. The objective is to interactively improve each individual while opening new doors and ideas."

Places are available for the February 20 and 27 Workshops. Visit for more details.

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