Noteworthy design roles: Cadillac’s Alexandra Dymowska brings brand thinking to the design studio

Alexandra Dymowska - Cadillac Design - Senior Brand Strategy Designer_web

In her unique position, the fine-artist-turned-designer leads a cross-disciplinary team that puts stories before sketches. 

In this transformative time of electrification, forthcoming autonomous technology and an increasing focus on user experience, the very roles in the design industry are evolving.

While many designers still hail from traditional transportation design programs, we’re seeing more automotive studios recruiting from fashion, footwear, industrial design, architecture and more as companies seek the secret sauce that will draw in — and keep — an increasingly demanding crop of customers. Here at CDN, we will be spotlighting some of the people behind these novel design roles, shedding light on how some studios are tackling this new era and what it means for the industry as…

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