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  • Aiways U7 Ion Concept-7 Shanghai 2019

    Ken Okuyama on the Aiways U7 Ion


    Working with the Aiways internal teams from his studio in Japan, Ken Okuyama has been working with the Chinese EV brand Aiways on the design of the company’s Shanghai show stand, a line of lifestyle products, and their newest concept car, the U7 Ion. He says that in the future, his design influence will likely extend to branding, stores, and even the website. After seeing the investment the company has made in their fully-automated production facility, he was convinced that Aiways had a big future, and he wanted to be part of it. In late 2018, he was named Chief Advisor of Design & Art, and his influence at the startup is already being felt. The immiment arrival of two Aiways U5 prototypes at the Frankfurt motor show on September 9, which left Xi’an in China on 17 July, seems a good time to take another look at this ambitious Chinese brand.

  • BMW X7 cockpit 2019

    HMI walk through: BMW X7 Head Unit

    2019-08-27T16:22:00Z Sponsored by

    New video walk through from Screens on the BMW X7 Head Unit. A comprehensive video narrative of the user experience of the dominant display unit in this big BMW, including customising screens and navigating through all the different tiles and sub-menus. 

  • CDN_InteriorMotives-S19_GAC_ENTRANZE_DESIGN_INT_06

    GAC Entranze - designed to share experiences


    Chinese automotive company GAC used virtual reality technology to connect the China and LA studios’ together to design this striking crossover-MPV for the Detroit auto show in 2019. Look inside and the fresh approach to the MPV typology becomes even more apparent - led by Pontus Fontaeus, its interior materials, textures and shapes create some really interesting themes for travelling with friends or family in the connected age

  • CDN_InteriorMotives-S19_IMG_0692_ultrafabrics
    Interior Motives

    Interior Focus: Trim & Materials


    From Interior Motives magazine: New materials, textiles and techniques are enabling greater experimentation and creativity in the automotive sector, driven by design curiosity, a genuine desire for development, and changing consumer tastes and demands, particularly with regard to sustainability. Attention is being paid to both raw materials and end-of-life recycling – with some quite startling sources for new textiles and fabrics making their industrial debuts 

  • cdn-screens-mercedes-eqc-cockpit

    Exclusive: HMI walk through: Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886 widescreen cockpit

    2019-08-20T08:13:00Z Sponsored by

    In a brand new video, CDN premieres Screens latest review featuring the UX of the Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886. Watch to find out how the car’s head unit and instrument cluster combine to form a high resolution widescreen cockpit

  • cdn-screens-porsche-panamera-e-hybrid-2019

    Exclusive: HMI walk through: Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid head unit overview

    2019-08-13T08:15:00Z Sponsored by

    Premiering on CDN, this latest video from Screens reviews the touch UX of the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid 2019’s head unit display

  • cdn-screens-kia-e-niro-adas-v2

    HMI walk through: Kia e-Niro

    2019-08-06T08:16:00Z Sponsored by

    In their latest video, Screens tested the ADAS functions of the 2019 Kia e-Niro such as lane keep assist, speed limiter and active cruise control

  • cdn-screens-bmw-x7-head-unit

    HMI walk through: BMW X7

    2019-07-30T08:36:00Z Sponsored by

    In their latest video HMI benchmarkers Screens review the BMW X7’s head unit gesture controls

  • CDN-Screens-Jaguar-I-Pace-Touchscreen

    HMI walk through: Jaguar I-Pace

    2019-07-23T08:16:00Z Sponsored by

    HMI benchmarkers Screens review the Jaguar I-Pace head unit and instrument cluster which are packed with functionality and feature smartphone like UX

  • EXP 100 GT - 9th July - with Sielaff

    Bentley EXP 100’s designers reveal early inspirations


    As Bentley celebrated its 100-year anniversary on July 10th 2019 with a stunning concept car unveil at its Crewe, UK HQ, Car Design News was there to talk to its key designers

  • CDN_Lotus Evija - London Reveal 16.7.19

    First Sight: Lotus Evija


    Why the design of the Lotus ‘T130’ Evija hypercar is a big deal

  • CDN-Screens-Tesla-Model3-HMI

    HMI walk through: Tesla Model 3 central display

    2019-07-16T08:58:00Z Sponsored by

    HMI benchmarkers Screens review the central display of the Tesla Model 3, which neatly provides essential functionality while stripping away anything that isn’t needed in everyday life

  • CDN-IM_Citroen Ami One_wheel-sketch
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives – Summer 2019


    In this issue: Citroën Ami One, Audi AI:ME, Polestar 2, GAC Entranze, FIAT Centoventi, Hispano-Suiza Carmen

  • Exeed E-IUV Concept-3

    Shanghai 2019 overview


    Now the dust has settled on the biggest auto show of the year, we asked Drew Meehan join the dots of what we saw in April in Shanghai

  • CL 19.022.001

    Citroën’s full-comfort concept: 19_19


    On a gloriously sunny day at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019, design director Pierre Leclercq met with Car Design News to discuss the new Citroën concept

  • CDN-IM_Speedtail sketch final 2 LIGHTER
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives – Spring 2019


    In this Issue: McLaren Speedtail, Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, YFAI XiM20, Tata H2X Concept, Infiniti QX Inspiration

  • CDN-Screens-Volkswagen-Touareg

    HMI walk through: Volkswagen Touareg

    2019-07-09T16:48:00Z Sponsored by

    HMI benchmarkers Screens review the VW Touareg with its massive 15-inch head unit display that is helpfully angled towards the driver 

  • diephuis-LA-car-2018-015

    Design interview: Benoît Jacob, Byton


    “We have the start-up culture of agile and quick decisions, but that does not offset the need for structure and good management”

  • CDN_IMspon_Buick GL8 Avenir_12

    Tradition meets technology in Buick’s GL8 Avenir Concept

    2019-07-01T11:21:00Z Sponsored by GM PATAC

    Buick’s GL8 Avenir Concept brings ancient Chinese crafts together with the latest in high-tech, yielding a spacious MPV with emotional impact

  • CDN-Screens-Audi-E-Tron-v3

    HMI walk through: Audi e-tron

    2019-07-01T10:29:00Z Sponsored by

    HMI benchmarkers Screens review the Audi e-tron’s HMI in their latest video. The Audi e-tron 2019 offers not only a stunning HMI with lots of functionality and even a digital sub unit for the climate controls, but also is the first vehicle to have digital exterior mirrors.