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    SAIC opens new Advanced Design studio in London


    MG and Roewe owners launch high-tech new facility

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    Driven: MG ZS


    Reborn British marque MG takes another step forwards, albeit conservatively, with a new compact SUV

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    London Motor Show 2017


    MG launches its SUV, plus more UK debuts

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    Shanghai 2017: MG E-Motion Concept first images


    Dramatic electric 2+2 lands in Shanghai

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    Nanjing MG


    The Nanjing-MG range debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show - a highlight in all ways - except none of the cars are new designs.

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    SAIC MG6


    MG showed its new face at the 2009 Shanghai auto show on a thinly veiled 'concept car' that could make production within 18 months.

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    MG Zero concept


    The Zero was one of the surprises of the Beijing show, and represents the best example of the new ‘Facet Flow' MG form language that the design teams in Shanghai and UK have been developing. In terms of exterior surfaces, this car appears close to production and SAIC expects the ...

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    Ford Start concept


    Ford's Start concept was one of the undeniable stars of Auto China this year.

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    Does MG GS spell medium-term trouble?


    Thanks to the British facility it inherited when buying MG and Rover 9 years ago, SAIC was one of the very first Chinese brands with an overseas design facility

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    Imported heritage


    The infancy of the Chinese car industry dictates that the general public has zero perception of what brands – some of which have been around for ten times longer than this country’s entire mass car market – have achieved

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    MG levers its British Heritage


    In a startlingly loud press conference to unveil the MG SC Concept SUV (which previews a forthcoming production C-segment crossover) it was noticeable how much MG is levering its British heritage in its now home country of China

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    MG SC – the Sino-British SUV


    The MG SC marks the Sino-British, SAIC-owned brand’s first foray into the SUV market

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    Comment and gallery: MG Concept 5


    Head over to the SAIC stand in Hall E1 and there’s a genuine sense of a company gaining control of its brands, MG specifically