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Miko is a leading Italian company within the microfiber market. Founded in 1997, it quickly revolutionized the industry by creating Dinamic by Miko, the first ecological microfiber with unique characteristics suitable for a variety of applications.

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A key element of Dinamica® is that it comes in very vivid and intense colors.

Dinamica is produced using recycled polyester with an innovative water-based manufacturing process in which no harmful chemical solvents are used. Miko has created three solutions for the automotive market: Dinamica Auto; Dinamica Auto Stretch; and Dinamica Wide, all with recyclable microfibers that are environmentally-friendly and comply with the highest standards.

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Miko’s eco-friendly products use manufacturing and production methods based on water.

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Advantages of the process include softness, elasticity and resistance in the microfibers.

These microfibers have been chosen by leading OEMs for their car interiors thanks to their green credentials, unrivalled technical qualities and incomparable aesthetic features; perfect for seats and backrests, as well as for dashboards, door panels, roof lining, steering wheels, gear sticks and sun visors.

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Its unrivalled technical qualities and incomparable aesthetic features make Dinamica® suitable for different applications inside the vehicle like in the Mercedes C63 AMG.

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Unveiled at the Paris Motor show 2014: the new Mercedes-AMG GT features Dinamica® interior for seats and steering wheel

Over the years, Miko has demonstrated its constant and active commitment to preventing and minimizing the impacts of its processes and products on the environment, a commitment to which the adopted Environmental Policy bears witness.

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Miko’s headquarters in Gorizia has a photovoltaic plant on its rooftop; this means every 1 megawatt of enegry used saves almost 450 t of CO2 emissions entering the atmosphere per year.




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