25 Sep 09
Citroen Revolte concept

With the Revolte concept unveiled in Frankfurt last week, Citroën is shunning convention. The compact city car, which takes inspiration from the classic 2CV, sidesteps the difficulties of dense urban traffic with a fresh approach to small car design. Its rechargeable hybrid drivetrain also has an eye on the future.

Measuring 3680mm long, 1730mm wide and 1350mm tall, the low-set vehicle has strong proportions, with bold wheelarches, a curving hood and a sculpted profile matching the line of the roof. Its iridescent exterior color scheme is complimented by a multicolored three-seat interior, designed to resemble a lounge, which is accessed via rear-hinged doors.

Read our opinion of the concept in our 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show Highlights and watch this space for an in-depth Design Development article coming soon.

Photo Gallery: Citroen Revolte concept

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