Audi recruits German and Mexican students to design A0 monocycle
by Rufus Thompson    16 Aug 2011
The Audi A0 monocycle's wheel is hollow to allow for maximum mobility. Click for larger images
Klemens Rossnagel, Head of Audi Design Research Center, inspects the finished product
Sketches of the Audi Urban Concept that will be shown at the 2011 IAA in Frankfurt

Audi has teamed up with German and Mexican engineering and design students for a project that has resulted in the A0 electric monocycle.

Resembling a seated Segway with a hubless wheel, information about this project follows hot on the heels of the Urban Concept, and suggests Audi following the lead of BMW in seriously looking at new ways of improving mobility in cities.

The Audi A0 electric monocycle

The project, conducted by the Technical University of Munich and National Autonomous University of Mexico, was sponsored by the Audi Design Research Center Munich, and conducted under the supervision of Klemens Rossnagel, Head of Audi Design Research Center.

Essentially the product is an electrical monocycle that can provide the same functions as a car, allowing the user to travel within cities quickly and easily.

The A0 is designed to fit in the trunk of your car, which can then be unloaded, unfolded and activated to allow you to travel more freely to your final destination, whether it is a mall or your workplace.

The project was designed to create a product that was as light and compact as possible while being simple for anyone to unfold and activated and, of course, be able to fit into the trunk of any Audi model. The handlebar and seat can be adjusted and has rechargeable batteries and an electric engine.

The hollow wheel is designed to make the A0 easy to carry and the folded footrests are used as stands to keep the monocycle upright when the owner is not using it. Daytime running lights are integrated into the monocycle and a sensor is designed to turn on the headlights and braking lights when necessary.

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