Boxmark's R&D center sets the trend
21 May 2014
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Prototype seat (1). Click for larger images
Boxmark showroom in Kidricevo, Slovenia (5)
Foam reconstructions (2) [left] and 3D scanning (3)
Foam modeling (4) done using high-tech machines
Baseball seams on seats (10)

Established 1995
Services Processing of upholstery leather, cutting & sewing shop, Research and Development Center
Headquarters Kidricevo, Slovenia
Telephone +386 2 7991 600

At Boxmark in Slovenia, visions converge with innovation to form customized product solutions. The R&D center develops trend-setting leather interiors and exteriors, in addition to offering serial production.

Prototype steering wheel (7)
Band saw aids prototype development (8)
Understanding customer ideas (6)
Embroidering (9)

"It is our passion to bring out the best qualities and characteristics within each piece of leather and to convert them into extraordinary quality," says managing director Marjan Trobis.

This passion is visible in each and every product that leaves the Slovenian facility, including this prototype seat (1) and steering wheel (7), which the company exhibits at its showroom in Kidricevo, Slovenia (5) and at trade fairs around the world. From leather hides to leather-covered components, each creation is a symbiosis of masterful craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing technology.

As an international supplier of complete solutions, Boxmark plays a crucial role in the development and production of automotive interiors. In response to increased demand from the airline, shipping, railway and furniture industries, the company recently expanded its Slovenian facility to include a number of technical installations, including 3D scanners (3) and state-of-the-art computing systems to aid the virtual development of prototypes, CNC-controlled machines, band saws (8) and milling machines. As a technology leader, Boxmark is also able to create foam models (4), perform foam reconstructions and add upholstery to existing seat systems (2) and add-on components.

A quick understanding of a customer's ideas (6), attention to detail and creativity allow Boxmark's experienced staff to tackle any challenge, from new leather seat covers for vehicles to sophisticated furnishings for aircraft, ships and trains; from stylish wall coverings and building constructions to classic seating furniture.

In the latter context, individuality plays an increasingly important role; today's seat covers need to meet both functional and design-oriented requirements. Be it smooth, perforated or embossed, embroidered (9), printed or laser-engraved, equipped with contrasting, decorative or baseball seams (10), Boxmark offers the entire spectrum of leather finishing and processing, both for individual workpieces and serial products.

Along with leather innovations XTREME (outdoor) and XLIGHT (lightweight), Boxmark emphasizes the natural characteristics of leather with its newest innovation: XGREEN. Natural elements such as insect bites, scars and rough patches remain and imbue every leather hide with a unique and distinctive character.

Its production includes the use of fully vegetable-based tanning agents and novel methods for the recovery of fat-liquoring agents and additives from what had previously been considered waste material. "Together with scientific institutes, we are permanently working on new machines and processing technologies in order to help shape the interiors of the future," says head of engineering Alexander Mesaric.