Concept Resource: Adding value to the recruitment process
15 Sep 2011
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Concept Resource was born out of Concept Group international. Click for larger images
Concept Resource Alias modeler
Example of exterior Alias modeling
Staff at the Concept Resource offices
Congratulations from all at Concept Group International to Jaguar for being awarded best show car for the CX16 and Land Rover for best concept vehicle DC100 at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. We wish Jaguar Land Rover continuing success with its new product range

Concept Resource, initially created exclusively for the automotive industry, was formed with one goal in mind - to add value to the recruitment process.

The Coventry-based company has over 10 years of experience placing highly - qualified candidates in job opportunities supplied by some of Europe's top design studios, as well as being the largest automotive design recruitment company in the UK. Concept Resource's three year strategy is to become the largest in Europe.

Two members of the Academy working on a clay project
Stunning visualization created by the Concept Academy team

Its philosophy is simple - to add value to the recruitment process by supplying quality personnel, not quantity. With Concept Resource initially focusing on the automotive sector, the company has formed long-standing relationships with some of the giants of the automotive world. More recently, Concept Resource has branched out into others areas of recruitment.

Throughout conceptual and product design, surfacing, studio engineering, clay modeling, project management and administration, all aspects of cutting-edge design are catered for.

Nick Jones, Concept Resource's director, has been in the business of recruitment on a worldwide scale for 10 years and has been at Concept Resource for over 18 months. His team's experience means they are able to understand the qualities required for each position and can collate resumes, interview short-listed applicants before presenting final candidates at a senior level. "By looking at a new innovative approach to resource we are seeing some fantastic results in which our clients are benefiting hugely," Jones says.

Concept Resource sources candidates for clients focused on these skills: Digital Designers (Alias and ICEM modelers, (Clay and Hard modelng), Studio Engineers (Program Managers), Perceived Quality (Engineers and Analysis), and CAD Engineering (Catia V5, Bunkspeed/Showcase etc).

Using targeted advertising campaigns and connections within the industry, Concept Resource tracks some of the industry's most talented designers. It organizes flights and accommodation details as well as giving briefings before interviews. In one example, through this process one of Concept Resource's largest UK clients recruited six designers to create an entire new advanced design team. Concept Resource was founded with the intention of appreciating the needs of the client in terms of project timing and deliverables. Working closely with their clients, CR is able to anticipate their needs in future projects and be able to present candidates at the exact time the company needs them.

Concept Academy
The successful newly-formed Concept Academy identifies the most talented graduates the industry has to offer at an early stage. These future stars are then provided with real time work and on going training/support either on customer projects at Concept Group International or on customer sites where they will be developing thier talents and work experience. The Academy provides its candidates experience in different disciplines, so they have the vital knowledge they require to succeed in the industry following their contracts.

Marco de Jesus was recruited through Concept Resource and is currently on an Alias Design placement at one of the company's prestigious clients. When asked about the support and conduct of Concept Resource, he says, "Although I was very nervous, Concept Resource and those in the company I work for have made my time as an Alias Modeler the best experience in my life, but most importantly, my skill level has increased tremendously.

"As a student, it is a very daunting feeling going to work in a professional working environment, but what was great was that if I did find aspects hard, that training would be provided by the Concept Academy if ever needed."

With the confidence in which Concept Academy conducts itself, relationships with universities look set to flourish, attracting high-quality candidates for the leading lights of the automotive world.

Jaguar Land Rover, has dealt with Concept Resource on a number of projects. JLR's first foray into the Concept Resource Academy is to source high-quality clay modelers, with the Academy being considered new territory for the company.

Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Officer at Land Rover says: "We have built a strong relationship with the Concept group of companies over the past five years. From supporting the Land Rover business by building world class design models and show cars, to working with Concept Resource to provide high-caliber, permanent and temporary staff, we know that Concept strive to deliver to the very high quality standards that Land Rover expects."

To contact Concept Resource please visit their website or contact Nick Jones, Director of Resource on: +44 2476 664750 or