Partnership Premium 2030 - Part 1
by Eric Gallina    17 May 2010
Strate College Peugeot project film teaser. Click for larger images

Strate College in Paris, France, has been working on a Peugeot-sponsored project for the past few months.

The project asks 30 students who have been divided into 10 groups to create the exterior design, an interior design, any related products (including accessories or new services, for example) and color and trim details for the premium Peugeot for the year 2030

Though there are no constraints on the technical package, the brief stipulates that the teams must create a scenario that illustrates global change, and design a vehicle that fits into this future environment.

Designers from Peugeot have been very active in the process, guiding students in weekly critiques and assisting them with specific knowledge in key areas of expertise.

Have a look at the video to the left for an overview of the teams and the projects each team has chosen to design. We'll be bringing you further episodes so you can follow their progress in the coming weeks.

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