Porsche's Tony Hatter on the design of the new Cayman [w/Video]
by Rufus Thompson    09 Jul 2013
Design manager Tony Hatter discusses the challenges tackled by the design team behind the new Cayman. Click for larger images

Porsche design manager for Sports Cars Tony Hatter features in a short video explaining the design process and evolution of the new Cayman.

Hatter explains how the design team worked towards seriously transforming the proportions of the car to give it a new image while keeping it looking like a Cayman. The Porsche 904's design was crucial in the process, inspiring several of the car's main aesthetic features.

He also discusses the challenges faced when designing the car in order to maximize its efficiency in terms of aero and thermodynamics.

Check out the video to the left to hear Hatter talk through the Cayman's design.