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    Tokyo 2015: Nissan Teatro for Dayz projects the future


    Creative Box explores new forms of interaction, hints at in-house Kei car design

  • Nissan Teatro By Dayz 01

    New Car: Nissan Teatro by Dayz


    Tokyo debut for concept designed for drivers born in the 21st century

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    Frankfurt 2015: Nissan Gripz colourway arrives in Germany via Africa and Monte Carlo


    History repeats itself on this intriguing concept

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    Nissan Forum concept


    Nissan's Forum concept is a new take on the family hauler. Laden with innovative details, the show car pushes forward with a new design aesthetic and luxurious appointments not typically found on MPVs.

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    Nissan Amenio concept


    The Amenio gives an idea of what the next generation Nissan Elegrand (a large MPV sold only in Japan) will be like, which is interesting to compare to the similarly sized Toyota Estima production preview concept also showing at Tokyo.

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    Nissan Note Adidas concept


    Nissan seems to be serious about the potential of co-branding opportunities; two years ago they showed the Conran Cube and this year they are showing the Note Adidas concept car.

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    Nissan Pivo concept


    The Pivo is classic Tokyo Motor Show: conceptually and aesthetically extreme; clever and yet fun; packed full of technical innovations.

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    Nissan Foria concept


    The Foria is an elegant coupe that showcases Nissan's forthcoming small front-mid engine rear wheel drive platform that enables the car to have a long hood and upright screen.

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    Nissan GT-R Proto


    Four years ago at Tokyo the GT-R concept car was shown, and this year the remarkably similar GT-R Proto debuts.

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    Nissan Maxima


    The seventh generation of Nissan's flagship Maxima sedan revives the four-door sports car (4DSC) moniker coined by the company nearly two decades ago.

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    Nissan Qashqai


    This is probably the most significant production debut here at Paris Show.

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    Nissan Urge concept


    The Nissan Urge is a small three-seat sports car based on a truncated 350Z. Inspired by motorcycles, it uses materials in new ways for youth appeal and a fun driving experience.

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    Nissan Geniss


    As part of developing a new family of global cars over the next two years, Nissan have showcased the Geniss, the first Nissan car ever to have its world release in China. The Geniss concept is a 'luxurious, yet practical' vehicle, and was developed at the Nissan Technical Center in ...

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    Nissan and Foster+Partners to reinvent the fuel station


    'Fuel Station of the Future' concept to explore how zero-emissions infrastructure will influence design

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    Nissan Ultima Coupe


    This is the first car presented by Laurens van den Acker, since he took over from Moray Callum in May this year as General Manager of the Design Division at Mazda.

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    Nissan Rogue


    The Rogue is a lightly-disguised version of the new Qashqai that has recently gone on sale in European markets.

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    Nissan Bevel


    This is an interesting counterpoint to the Ford Airstream concept, also shown at Detroit this week. The two cars have a lot of similarities in that they both explore asymmetry, they reference 1970's avant-garde, both use deeply recessed side windows and have open-plan interiors. Other Ford links continue: the front ...

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    Nissan X-Trail


    According to Nissan, the original X-Trail has been something of a surprise hit. When it was launched six years ago, the company expected sales across Europe to average 23,000 units a year.

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    Nissan Nuvu concept


    At first glance the Nuvu seems to be a Tokyo show car that got on the wrong boat: it is a small whimsical concept that looks set to go on to have no impact in any production design Nissan.

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    Nissan 370Z


    The 370Z is the most exciting new production design to debut at the LA Auto Show, although it actually debuted on October 29 in the latest Need for Speed driving game - a world first for a production car design.