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    Nissan Design Europe celebrates 20 years with a multi-generational concept


    The Nissan Concept 20-23 showcases the work of the team at the Nissan Design Europe studio as it celebrates its 20th year in London

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    Nissan shows ‘daring’ two-seater concept


    The Max-Out concept contrasts classic sports car styling with bleeding-edge futuristic tech

  • Mitsubishi eK X EV

    Nissan and Mitsubishi team up for Kei car duo


    Electric powertrains are revamping one of Japan’s most popular vehicle segments. Car Design News spoke with Nissan designers to find out more

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    Car Design Dialogues North America: Fireside Chat with David Woodhouse


    A veteran of Ford and Lincoln, David Woodhouse has been VP of design at Nissan Design America since 2019. Woodhouse joins Car Design News’ Laura Burstein to discuss working in California and offers insight into the workings of the studio

  • Nissan Surf Out Concept 2

    Nissan unveils four concepts, promises to go green


    Nissan has launched four concepts  based on the company’s CMF-EV platform that was first used by the Ariya, but they are very different in approach, shape and desired applications

  • 2023 Nissan Z HERO

    Nissan showcases new production-ready Z


    Now in its seventh generation, Nissan’s much-loved Z is ready for another round with design links to its heritage 

  • Nakamura And Facelift Juke In 2014

    Designer interview: Shiro Nakamura


    A giant of car design, Shiro Nakamura, through his work with Nissan, helped forge a Japanese design identity with models like the Cube and the GTR. Car Design News spoke to him about his new studios, his early successes and how form is distilled through concepts

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    Studio Visit: Nissan Design America


    With an eclectic spirit fostered by the late Jerry Hirshberg, the California satellite studio in La Jolla is a designer’s sanctuary with a storied history

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    Shinichiro Irie outlines the Nissan Z Proto’s design details


    Shinichiro Irie unpicks Nissan’s sports car heritage, ‘Z-ness’, and provides detail on the Z Proto

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    Nissan Z Proto debuts


    Many people have been waiting a long time for the new Z car, and last night’s online reveal of the Z Proto (a near production concept) gives a good idea of what the new Z will be. Nissan hasn’t strayed too far from Z’s heritage, which will delight a lot of people, and the updates blend old and new neatly in a startling yellow package.

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    Nissan enters new design era with the Ariya


    The new Ariya marks an important step for Nissan in its design direction for electric production models

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    The Nissan ItalDesign GT-R50 has been launched (remotely)


    It missed its Geneva 2020 launch because of the cancellation, but Nissan and ItalDesign have now done a virtual launch. The prototype we saw at Goodwood last year is now being built for customers. ItalDesign and Nissan seem to have had a lot of fun on this project

  • Matthew Weaver_Nissan Design Europe vice president

    Matthew Weaver promoted to Nissan Design Europe vice president


    Matthew Weaver, already the design director of Nissan Design Europe, is being promoted to the role of vice president within the Japanese OEM’s London-based studio, in step with Nissan lifer Mamoru Aoki stepping down to retire after 39 years with the company

  • Nissan IMk designers

    Interior Motives: Nissan IMk


    A deep dive into the design of Nissan’s IMk concept, exploring concepts like ‘Timeless Japanese Futurism’ and minimalism

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    HMI walk through: Nissan Leaf Zero

    2020-03-04T10:52:00Z Sponsored by

    Watch a review of the Nissan Leaf Zero’s UI and UX in Screens’ lateset video, covering all HMI elements such as key fob, steering wheel controls, touch screen and instrument cluster

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    HMI walk through: Nissan e Leaf

    2019-12-04T09:49:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens reviews the Nissan e Leaf’s navigation software, which includes helpful features such as letting you know your destination is out of range and showing you nearby charging stations on the map

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    Tokyo 2019: Nissan’s bag-toting concepts


    Nissan’s stand at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show contained a known quantity, but several surprises too. Satoru Tai told us about the IMk, Ariya concept, and the digital tree…

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    Designer Interview: Satoru Tai, Nissan


    From the Car Design Review 6 yearbook: Satoru Tai, Nissan executive design director and VP of Creative Box, talks Car Design News through his inspirations, the state of play with Nissan design, and the advantage of more diverse employee backgrounds

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    Clever compacts coming to Tokyo from Nissan, Suzuki


    Nissan and Suzuki have repeased initial images of their Tokyo motor show debutants in the compact car space. The Nissan IMk is a subcompact electric car with a stress-relieving interior, while Suzuki will display five different concept cars: an autonomous cottage, a retro kei two-seater, a pair of crossover kei vans and a baby-friendly kei minivan

  • Guy B & Matt W - Juke mk2 b

    First Sight: Nissan Juke mk2 calms it down (a bit)


    Nissan’s long-awaited second-generation Juke was previewed across five European cities yesterday (Monday Sept 2) so Car Design News popped along to the London event – where the car’s design was born – to chat to Nissan Design Europe’s design director Matt Weaver about the evolution of this B-segment small crossover