Car Design News looks at some of the design stories that may have gone under the radar over the last week, including news from BYD, Karma, Kia, Lancia, Nissan, Peugeot and more 

You could be forgiven for being blissfully unaware of the first entry in this week’s car design round-up, which illustrates how the modern motorshow is in a state of flux. Elsewhere, there are concept cars in the works, a proactive response to customer requests and yet another car that promises to talk back. 

Tumbleweeds in the windy city 

It has been relatively quiet in Chicago – “the nation’s largest auto show” – with only a handful of new models revealed, including the Kia Carnival minivan and refreshed K5 midsize sedan due in 2025. And although we saw it online earlier in January, the new Chevrolet Equinox was also rolled out to the public. Elsewhere, Ford was present with the new US-market variant of the 2025 Explorer (not the electric model we saw in Germany) but it was not a complete set for the Detroit Big Three as Stellantis had opted to skip this year’s event.

Ypsilon reborn

After potentially one of the longest buildups in recent memory, the new Lancia Ypsilon has officially been revealed in all its glory. Now fully electric, the third-generation model is entirely new from the ground up and, for now, is the brand’s only vehicle in production. The redesign manages to feel both modern but also true to the original look of the Ypsilon, with a familiar silhouette but noticeably more muscle.

Unlike the previous generations, the interior is very much in premium territory and is arguably the focal point of the car:  blue velvet,100% recycled yarn and a “cannelloni” pattern on the seats. 

Full release here

Karma teases new concept

The Gyesera will be revealed on 2 March and follows the Kaveya concept shown at the end of last year. At five metres long, two metres wide with and a curb weight of 5300lb, it illustrates the disparity between sports cars of old and modern electric iterations. Despite similar heft to that of an F-150, the Gyesera should hit 0-60mph in around four seconds. It is also refreshing to see a long bonnet and individual headlamps, which stand out from the many one-bow silhouettes and full-width DRLs seen lately. 

Yellow Juke’s snazzy interior

Nissan has obliged direct requests for yellow to make a comeback as part of the Juke’s mid-lifecycle refresh. The interior has also been given greater attention, with a new ‘N-Sport’ grade that includes a redesigned centre console and instrument panel, yellow details and new materials with an “upgraded fit and finish” – including Alcantara trim, now made with recycled materials (we visited the factory not long ago to see how this is made.)

Full release here.

“OK Peugeot”

Peugeot has added ChatGPT to its i-Cockpit infotainment system. Arguably one of the better digital cockpit solutions of late, the integration of ChatGPT aims to encourage more users to utilise hands-free voice commands. The carmaker says ChatGPT can answer any question and offers “unprecedented levels of service” but if CES is anything to go by, we should take this with a pinch of salt

Full release here

Peugeot iCockpit integrates ChatGPT

Peugeot integrates ChatGPT, following VW 

BYD goes “Super Dual Mode” 

BYD is going all out at the Geneva motor show, premiering multiple models, new sub-brands and new hybrid powertrain technology. The SEAL U DM-i (catchy!) will have its European debut, showcasing the Super DM PHEV system, along with an updated TANG electric SUV. Two new sister brands, YANGWANG and DENZA, will be revealed, too. It continues a trend, particularly among Chinese OEMs, to almost have as many brands as there are individual models. 

Full release here


Expect BYD to have a hefty footprint in Geneva this year