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    Nissan Geniss


    As part of developing a new family of global cars over the next two years, Nissan have showcased the Geniss, the first Nissan car ever to have its world release in China. The Geniss concept is a 'luxurious, yet practical' vehicle, and was developed at the Nissan Technical Center in ...

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    Nissan and Foster+Partners to reinvent the fuel station


    'Fuel Station of the Future' concept to explore how zero-emissions infrastructure will influence design

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    Nissan Ultima Coupe


    This is the first car presented by Laurens van den Acker, since he took over from Moray Callum in May this year as General Manager of the Design Division at Mazda.

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    Nissan Rogue


    The Rogue is a lightly-disguised version of the new Qashqai that has recently gone on sale in European markets.

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    Nissan Bevel


    This is an interesting counterpoint to the Ford Airstream concept, also shown at Detroit this week. The two cars have a lot of similarities in that they both explore asymmetry, they reference 1970's avant-garde, both use deeply recessed side windows and have open-plan interiors. Other Ford links continue: the front ...

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    Ford Interceptor


    As a concept, the Ford Interceptor is the response from Dearborn to Chrysler's success with its extrovert 300C rear-wheel-drive big sedan.

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    Ford Airstream


    The Airstream concept, introduced by J Mays, is a futuristic crossover, supposedly capturing the sense of optimism and adventure conveyed in American aircraft and spacecraft.

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    Ford Taurus / Ford Taurus X / Mercury Sable


    Ford is bringing "simplexity" back to what it feels is an overly complex vehicle feature market by reviving the Taurus and Sable names. Ford feels that customer name recognition will help improve lagging sales of the Ford FiveHundred, Freestyle and the Mercury Montego.

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    Ford Mondeo


    James Bond might have picked up a new Mondeo as an airport rental last year, but for the rest of the world Geneva was the first time we'd seen the car.

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    Nissan X-Trail


    According to Nissan, the original X-Trail has been something of a surprise hit. When it was launched six years ago, the company expected sales across Europe to average 23,000 units a year.

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    Nissan Nuvu concept


    At first glance the Nuvu seems to be a Tokyo show car that got on the wrong boat: it is a small whimsical concept that looks set to go on to have no impact in any production design Nissan.

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    Ford Ka


    Given its close visual resemblance to the new Fiesta, most observers will probably assume the new Ka is Fiesta-based, as was its predecessor.