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  • Chrysler Delegance 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Chrysler D’Elegance (1952)


    The Chrysler concept that would become a Volkswagen

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    Honda Insight


    Honda love recycling old model names and applying them to new cars - and the Insight is the latest example.

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    Ford Kuga


    The Kuga was presented in concept form at Frankfurt although Stefan Lamm, Chief Designer Exterior at Ford, told us: "It is basically a production car". Only the pearlescent paint and some interior trim materials will differ on the production design, he said.

  • Peter Stevens Lotus Elan Pt3 01

    The Lotus Elan from the Type 26 to the 2010 Paris Show concept by Peter Stevens Pt3


    Bringing the Elan story up to date, from the late-80s to 2010's Paris Motor Show concept

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    Aston Martin One-77


    Last autumn the general public only got a glimpse of a front wing of Aston Martin's forthcoming £1.2m supercar at the Paris Motor Show.

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    Ssangyong C200 concept


    Ssangyong Motors, former subsidiary of Shanghai Automotive, has had a nightmarish beginning to 2009, with plummeting sales, bankruptcy, the SAIC Group's waiver, and even an accusation of industrial espionage surfacing within the last three months.

  • Stevens Elan Pt2 01

    Lotus Elan from the Type 26 to the 2010 Paris Motor Show concept by Peter Stevens Pt2


    'New Elan' finally reaches production, but not before yet more internal conflict

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    Peugeot EX1 concept


    On the eve of the of the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot held a private viewing of the EX1 Concept Car at its premier showroom on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

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    Paris Motor Show 2004 Photo Gallery: 830 photos and hi-res downloads


    Paris Motor Show 2004 Photo Gallery: 830 photos and hi-res downloads

  • Peter Stevens Lotus Elan 01

    The Lotus Elan from the Type 26 to the 2010 Paris Motor Show concept by Peter Stevens


    Part one of the history of Lotus' sports car from its beginnings to the most-recent Paris show concept

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    What's New - January 2004


    Renault is unveiling the Deck'up concept at the Brussels Motor Show, targeting outdoor leisure and adventure off the beaten track. The Deck'up follows the Kangoo Break’up concept, presented at the 2002 Paris Motor Show, and the earlier Modus 2 and Operandi van concepts.

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    Peugeot 907 concept to debut at the Paris Motor Show


    Sep 3, 2004 – Making its debut at the Paris Motor Show, the Peugeot 907 concept is a two-seater GT coupé, created "with reference to the past, the present and the future", and intended to transcend the Marque's values. The 907 is powered by a 6.0 litre V12 engine delivering ...

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    Automotive design community gathers for annual design awards party in Paris


    Sep 16, 2004 - More than 300 senior members of the automotive design community will be attending the Interior Motives Design Awards 2004 ceremony to be held at Le Cab, Paris on 24 September, during the Paris Motor Show.

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    Winners of the Interior Motives Design Awards 2004 announced


    Oct 8, 2004 - After the second press day of the Paris Motor Show, designers made their way to Le Cab nightclub for the announcement of InteriorMotives Student Design Awards 2004 winners. Over 500 atttendees included leading automotive designers, design managers and top executives from automakers, independent designers and design ...

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    Renault Ellypse Design Development


    The Renault Ellypse was one of the most interesting concept cars to be shown at the 2002 Paris Motor Show.

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    Ford Focus - Design Review


    Oct 20, 2004 – Car design, as everything, is relative. How we read a car's design is relative to the world that surrounds it - specifically other cars and in particular those of the same type, its siblings and predecessor. Seeing the new Ford Focus in the flesh at Paris ...

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    PSA opens new ADN Design Centre


    Oct 26, 2004 - "A building dedicated to automotive creativity" is how Robert Peugeot, head of Innovation and Quality, described the new PSA Design Centre during the official opening on October 7.

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    2004 Paris Motor Show Design Trends and Overview


    Nov 8, 2004 – Car design inevitably goes in set patterns: large, radical leaps tend to be followed up by small evolutionary steps, especially for those second-generation models of a previous all-new concept. One dominant theme of this year's Paris Motor Show was the very conservative redesigns of some of ...

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    BMW Z4 Design Development


    BMW has a long, if sporadic, history of making roadster sports cars. It made the 328 for four years from 1936, two decades later it made the 507 for four years, and then three decades later it made the Z1 for four years until 1991.

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    Renault Megane Design Development


    Behind the design of every major mass market car lies a myriad of different factors that impacted upon how it came to be.