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    Geneva 2016: New Renault Scenic trades practicality for looks


    With falling sales, the definitive small MPV has been thoroughly re-thought

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    Next Renault Scenic channels crossover trend


    Fourth-generation Renault Scenic revealed ahead of Geneva show debut

  • Renault Scenic Concept 1

    Concept Car of the Week: Renault Scenic (1991)


    Anne Asensio’s genre-defining new type of family car

  • Renault Coupe Corbusier 01

    New Car: Renault Coupe Corbusier concept


    Art Deco inspired concept shuns branding for authentic design influence

  • Renault Ondelios 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Renault Ondelios (2008)


    A forgotten and misunderstood crossover that has clearly had a wider influence

  • Opel Astra 01

    Frankfurt 2015: Renault Megane and Opel Astra face off


    Megane and Astra face-off across the show hall

  • Renault Megane 01

    New Car: Renault Mégane (2016)


    Fourth-generation C-segment hatchback completes redesigned model range

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    Renault Nepta concept


    The Nepta follows a relatively long line of luxury orientated car types that Renault has shown as concepts over the years: the Initiale of 1995, the Vel Satis of 1998, the Talisman of 2001 and the Fluence in 2004.

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    Renault Koleos concept


    The Koleos concept of 2000 signposted that Renault was set to move into the SUV crossover sector. Six years later the Koleos concept being shown at Paris suggests that this move is now imminent.

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    Renault Twingo concept


    The original Renault Twingo of 1992 was the first Renault designed from start to finish under the then still new Director of Design, Patrick le Quement.

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    Renault Altica


    Although lacking the ultimate impact and beauty of the Saab Aero X Concept, the Altica is a deeply impressive concept car, packed full of innovative and interesting design features and executed to an exceptionally high standard.

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    Renault Clio Grand Tour


    At last year's Geneva show Renault presented the Altica concept car, a four seat, three door sports estate car.

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    Renault Twingo


    At the Paris show last year Renault presented the Renault Twingo concept that previewed the production car that now debuts in Geneva.

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    Renault Megane


    This third generation Megane from Renault is probably the most significant new production debut here at Paris.

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    Renault Ondelios concept


    Like all major Renault show cars in the recent past, there are many aspects to the Ondelious to report.

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    Renault Sand'up concept


    Renault's Brazilian arm unveiled the Sand'up concept, designed at the French automaker's recently opened satellite design center in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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    Renault Laguna


    Although quite conventionally proportioned, the new Laguna has some interesting and unique design features: a full width lower grille with floating bar; a front bumper that lifts up at the sides to then create a shut line that slopes downwards into the wheelarch; door handles set on the flowing side ...

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    Renault Kangoo


    The first-generation Kangoo redefined the car-derived van/multi-van market in Europe ten years ago.

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    Renault Kangoo Compact


    It's a little hard to understand the thinking behind this concept, given that Renault are launching the production Kangoo on the same stand, directly adjacent.

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    Renault Laguna Coupe


    Following the Fluence concept from June 2004, Renault has unveiled another upper medium sized four-seat coupe concept, signaling their intention to create a production Laguna coupe to compete with the Peugeot 407 coupe.