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    Renault Symbol


    As one of the fastest growing automotive markets in the world, Russia and the Moscow Motor Show is gaining its share of the spotlight, with an increasing number of major auto manufacturers choosing to debut new vehicles at the show, just as Renault is with the all-new Symbol/Thalia.

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    Renault Sandero Stepway


    Renault has released photos of the Sandero Stepway, a vehicle the automaker will build for the Mercosur region of South America, which comprises Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Though based on the Sandero hatchback, the new 'urban sports' variant targets sophisticated urban customers looking for a vehicle with assertive and distinctive ...

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    Renault Mégane


    These are the first official photos of Renault's new production Mégane, set to make its public debut at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show. Incorporating styling cues suggestive of the world of sport, the new family hatchback measures 4.3m long, has a 2.64m wheelbase and a 1.55m track.

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    Renault Ondelios concept


    Renault will unveil a hybrid-powered luxury crossover concept called the Onedelios at the French carmaker's home show next month. The six-passenger concept, which has individual bucket seats arranged in three rows of two, features interesting details influenced by aviation design.

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    Renault Sand'up concept


    This is Renault's new Sand'up concept, developed by Renault Brazil and unveiled today at the 25th Salão Internacional do Automóvel in São Paolo. The modular 2+2 coupé can not only transform into a cabriolet, but it can also be used as a pickup by lowering the rear bench seat.

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    Renault-Samsung SM3


    Renault-Samsung Motor, the South Korean subsidiary of the Renault-Nissan alliance, unveiled two new models at this year's Seoul Motor Show. One of these was the second incarnation of the SM3, first introduced seven years ago. Claimed to have an 'umbrella' shape, the new car is 4620mm long and rides on ...

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    Renault Twizy Z.E. concept


    Renault revealed the Twizy Z.E. Concept at the Frankfurt motor show last week. Billed as an innovative response to the challenge of urban mobility, the compact, nimble and practical four-wheel vehicle provides seating for the driver and passenger in tandem, in a package ideally suited for travelling in city traffic.

  • renault-megane concept coupe 2008

    Geneva 2008: Renault Megane Coupe concept (2008)


    This concept previews a compact production coupé from Renault that would be a direct rival for the new VW Scirocco, so it was interesting to spot a couple of Renault designers looking closely at the VW, taking notes.

  • Renault Megane Coupe concept sketches 2008

    Renault Megane Coupe concept (2008)


    Renault has taken the wraps off its Megane Coupe concept, a car which foreshadows a compact production coupe set to be released in the near future.