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    Renault Sand'up concept


    Renault's Brazilian arm unveiled the Sand'up concept, designed at the French automaker's recently opened satellite design center in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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    Renault Laguna


    Although quite conventionally proportioned, the new Laguna has some interesting and unique design features: a full width lower grille with floating bar; a front bumper that lifts up at the sides to then create a shut line that slopes downwards into the wheelarch; door handles set on the flowing side ...

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    Renault Kangoo


    The first-generation Kangoo redefined the car-derived van/multi-van market in Europe ten years ago.

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    Renault Kangoo Compact


    It's a little hard to understand the thinking behind this concept, given that Renault are launching the production Kangoo on the same stand, directly adjacent.

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    Renault Laguna Coupe


    Following the Fluence concept from June 2004, Renault has unveiled another upper medium sized four-seat coupe concept, signaling their intention to create a production Laguna coupe to compete with the Peugeot 407 coupe.

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    Renault Samsung SM3


    Renault Samsung's design center, which is located in Gihung (just outside Seoul), has been responsible for a number of significant works, most notably the production version of the Koleos SUV launched in 2008.

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    Renault Samsung eMX concept


    Until now, the Renault Samsung Motor Alliance (it would much rather be called RSM) has been largely perceived as a company that does the things the ‘easy way', displaying out-of-date Renault concepts at the last few Seoul shows.

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    Renault Twizy Z.E


    The Twizy is the smallest of Renault's four EV concepts.

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    Renault Zoe Z.E


    The Zoe Z.E. is one of four electric concepts that Renault revealed in Frankfurt and the one with the most daring design ideas. Z.E. is Renault-speak for ‘Zero Emissions'.

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    Renault Zoe


    This second iteration of the Zoë concept was a Paris surprise. Although it is billed as a concept, according to design manager Geoff Gardner, the design seen here closely represents the production version of a Modus-sized 5-seater ZE model that's planned to go on sale in 2012.

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    The Designers Pt13 – Laurens van den Acker, Renault Group


    Renault’s VP of design on rethinking design icons, and introducing a new lifecycle of concepts

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    Renault Twizy


    Renault offered two surprises today at Paris Show: a revised version of the Zoë concept and the production version of the electric Twizy, both originally shown at last year's IAA show. Many people wondered if Renault could translate the Twizy 1+1 electric tandem into a credible production vehicle, but the ...

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    Renault DeZir concept


    As the first concept under Laurens van den Acker's stewardship of Renault, the DeZir is the first of six 'stages' (read 'show cars') of reconnecting people with the brand. The DeZir, as the name suggests, is designed to make people 'fall in love'.

  • Renault Talisman Concept 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Renault Talisman (2001)


    In the week Renault announced its Laguna-replacing Talisman sedan, we're returning to the first car to bear the name

  • Renault Talisman 01

    First Sight: Renault Talisman (2015)


    Van den Acker and Lo on their new sedan, revised organisation and remote control cars...

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    Video: Patrick Le Quément's career from Simca to boat design via his time at Renault


    A great insight into one of the most influential car designers of a generation

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    Patrick Le Quément honoured with EyesOn Design lifetime achievement award


    It's about time the French contribution to automotive design was recognised and yesterday it was

  • Alpine Celebration 01

    New Car: Alpine Celebration concept


    Alpine teases production sports car with 60th anniversary concept

  • Renault Kwid 01

    New Car: Renault Kwid (2015)


    Sub-compact channels SUV design to appeal to emerging market buyers

  • Peter Stevens Patrick Le Quement 01

    Patrick le Quément, 22 years at Renault by Peter Stevens


    How le Quément revolutionized Renault design