Following the Fluence concept from June 2004, Renault has unveiled another upper medium sized four-seat coupe concept, signaling their intention to create a production Laguna coupe to compete with the Peugeot 407 coupe. 

Unlike the production Laguna that also debuted at the show, the Coupe concept was universally well-regarded by the designers we spoke to. The calm exterior finished in pearlescent white belied an innovative and refined design that featured an interior packed full of impressive design details. 

The exterior form is defined by the flowing side feature crease that raises up from the base of the front, sweeps up, down, and up along the side before flipping back up the C-pillar. A low set grille, satin and polished finish chocolate colored alloy wheels, near full-width exhaust pipe and rear lights that float inside a recess were other highlights of this handsome and well-resolved exterior. 

But it was the interior of the Laguna Coupe that really shone. Within the four bucket seat cockpit was a theme of floating wraparound surfaces: the seats, door inners, gear shift surround, and the "i-drive" surround. The steering column stalks literally punctured the metal collar that cradled the back of the instrument binnacle, and the steering wheel echoed this collar with a metal section of its rim that twisted in to become the two spokes. And then you see the really clever details, such as the curved bit of transparent plastic - protruding from the rear parcel shelf - that directs red light from beneath using a fiber optic principal, forming the third rear brake light, and the interior rear view mirror that has plastic backing only on the right side (as this is the only place that the driver's right hand would hold the mirror).

Design Review coming soon...