It has been a difficult year for students, but, as this work proves, they are adapting to the new conditions by using CAD rather than clay for final projects

The MA in Automotive & Transport Design at Coventry University combines vehicle design assignments with interdisciplinary projects. Graduates come from many countries and from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. All are determined to follow their dream of becoming transport designers. The coronavirus pandemic has meant that graduates have had to adapt swiftly to online learning and focus on CAD models in place of creating physical models in their final major projects. Graduates adapted extremely well and their work responds to a range of important future social, environmental and technological scenarios. This article highlights just a handful of concepts. The full range of graduate work is available at:


1 Czinger C Eco Stefan Perriard_Amended

Czinger C Eco by Stefan Perriard

Stefan Perriard – Czinger C Eco

Czinger C Eco explores a future of sustainable performance cars with customisation abilities, for the ‘hyper-personalisation-generation’. C Eco pioneers Cellulose Composite, Generative Design, and 3D printing for an optimally performing chassis, sustainable production and user customisation. A platform by Divergent3D features in-wheel motors and remote steering.

The user’s bespoke “canvas” exterior sits on top of the chassis. It is tailored to the user’s personality and driving style, while being in-keeping with Czinger brand values.

Gallery: Stefan Perriard 

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Yao Xu Defender 2035

Yao Xu – Defender 2035

Defender 2035 is a patrol car designed for the Kekexili Nature Reserve in Qinghai, China. The vehicle body rotates 360° to maximise visibility in order to facilitate patrol. Also, the position of the cockpit can be adjusted up and down. There is a toolbox at the rear of the cockpit and a revolving door for easy egress and ingress. Kekexili is China’s largest uninhabited are of land. Because patrol teams are on assignment for extended periods, the car is equipped with a separate lounge for team members to rest. The vehicle is equipped with a LIDAR and a camera to facilitate real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment to prevent poaching.

Gallery: Yao Xu 

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Ziming Chang Project M-MR

Ziming Chang – Project M-MR

Project M-MR is a smart racing car designed for future track events. ‘M-MR’ stands for Man-Machine Relay Racing. The concept is inspired by ROBORACE. In the future, when artificial intelligence autonomous driving technology is more developed, it will participate in track-based racing alongside human drivers. Project M-MR can be driven by both human drivers or an autonomous artificial intelligence systems. In two forms based on the same chassis, humans and artificial intelligence systems race in relay settings to complete the entire event.

Gallery: Ziming Chang

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Yinuo Qu Wuzhen Tea House

Yinuo Qu – Wuzhen Tea House

Wuzhen Tea House is an amphibious tourist vehicle for the city of Wuzhen, China. Its purpose is to highlight the local culture of Wuzhen. The exterior design is inspired by the local wooden Wupeng boat. The exterior of the vehicle is asymmetric; the wooden structure on the right side of the vehicle connects to the interior. The interior is inspired by tea houses which line the river in Wuzhen. White cotton and linen cushions as well as dark tea tables and green plants help to create a relaxed, Chinese-style feeling. Tourists can enjoy the scenery of Wuzhen and tea ceremony performances.

Gallery: Yinuo Qu 

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