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    VW Scirocco


    Previewed as the Iroc concept back in 2006, the production Scirocco gives VW Group a new Golf-based coupé that sits below the Audi TT in the line-up.

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    Volkswagen Iroc concept


    Short for Scirocco, the Iroc introduces a new trapezoid front grille that VW plan to use for forthcoming sports models.

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    Renault Twingo concept


    The original Renault Twingo of 1992 was the first Renault designed from start to finish under the then still new Director of Design, Patrick le Quement.

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    Volkswagen Concept A


    The Concept A is Volkswagen's teaser for a forthcoming Golf crossover, containing elements of sports coupe and SUV, in some ways not unlike the Renault Egeus concept shown at Frankfurt last year.

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    Volkswagen Neeza concept


    The only foreign manufacturer to display a concept car at Auto China 2006 was Volkswagen, unveiling the Neeza crossover concept. As one of the first major overseas manufacturers to enter the Chinese market more than 20 years ago, it's evident that Volkswagen is again intent on leading the motoring trend ...

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    VW Bora


    VW is launching two new C-segment models here in Beijing this week, both near identical in terms of size and price.

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    Volkswagen Concept Tiguan


    Making its international debut at LA is the Tiguan, a concept preview of a compact production SUV crossover due in about twelve months. Based on the Golf platform (or more specifically the European market only Golf Plus platform), the Tiguan was previewed in part by the Concept A shown in ...

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    Volkswagen Lavida


    Volkswagen's SAIC partnership has yielded the Lavida, meaning 'the life' in Spanish, unveiled at Auto China 2008.

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    Volkswagen Golf


    This is the latest version of the biggest selling car in Europe. Billed as the Golf 6, although commonly recognised as more of a Golf 5.5, the new car differs in every exterior panel relative to its predecessor, bar the roof.

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    Volkswagen Tiguan


    The Tiguan is conceptually very close to the Ford Kuga that also made its debut at this year's Frankfurt show: a compact SUV crossover based on a European lower medium tall hatchback, in this case the Golf Plus and not the Ford C-Max.

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    Volkswagen Concept BlueSport


    VW's Concept BlueSport was designed at the company's Potsdam studio under the supervision of VW design director Klaus Bischoff and Potsdam studio director Thomas Ingenlath, and is the brand's first attempt at a compact mid-engined roadster, measuring just 3990mm long, 1260mm high and 1745mm wide.

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    Volkswagen Up!


    This is a concept car that previews the direction for a future small city car from Volkswagen that would compete in Europe with cars such as Toyota's iQ and the Fiat 500 in the emerging sub-3.5 meter car class.

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    Volkswagen Polo


    Volkswagen chose the eve of the Geneva Motor Show to unveil its new fifth generation Polo supermini.

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    Volkswagen Space Up!


    Just six weeks after the world premiere of the Up! concept, VW is showing this second member of the 'New Small Family' here at Tokyo.

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    Volkswagen Space Up! Blue


    The Up! concept was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show two months ago followed by a four-door concept unveiled in Tokyo last month. Now it is debuting in its third form at the LA Auto Show.

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    Volkswagen E-Up!


    The E-Up! follows on where the 2007 Up! and Space Up! concepts left off, demonstrating a decisive move towards production of a new A-Segment car for VW.

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    Volkswagen L1


    A reiteration of the 2002 1-Litre prototype, Volkswagen's L1 concept retains the same 3.8m long, 1.2m wide tandem layout as its predecessor.

  • Volkswagen Nils 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Volkswagen NILS (2011)


    Looking back at one of the many highlights Frankfurt Motor Show has given us over the years

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    Volkswagen Up! Lite


    This is the international debut of the latest Volkswagen ‘Up!' concept, which follows the E-Up! at Frankfurt and its rear engine concept car predecessors from two years previously.

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    Volkswagen NCC


    If you are curious about the styling of the next Jetta then look no further than the New Compact Coupe (NCC) concept from VW. The car's front – minus the hybrid-style closed grille – pretty much represents the new face of the sixth-generation production Jetta due on sale this November ...