Behind the Scenes of CATIA b l e u
by Car Design News    28 Nov 2013
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Design Validation: Scale One room (above) and 3D printings (below). Click for larger images

Jérôme Derel, visualization expert, worked on the light and matter to emphasize the b l e u's shape. He explains, "On the b l e u project, the team made a high-quality shape with very complex details. It was a solid input for the product experience."

In the validation phase it was key that there was the right balance between performance - with an optimized visualization when real-time interaction is needed - and perfection, with photorealistic visualization when quality is needed. At each stage of the design process, better visualization means better and faster decisions.

Generating final rendering directly inside CATIA

The b l e u project was an experiment to blur the frontiers between designing through 3D virtual models and physical models. The design team used 3D printing for scale models and details such as the wheels and side mirrors to get a sense of how the finished showcar would appear.

Melkonian says, "The goal was to give designers all the tools in a single environment because the creative process is in real-time, and it gave us the ability to have this design experience as a team. Seeing it live directly as a 3D model while playing with surfaces, it's a very creative tool, meaning we could always change it."

See more images from the development in our gallery.

To find out more about b l e u, visit the official website.

You can also relive the reveal of b l e u on the 3DS CATIA YouTube channel, and learn more about its creation

To take part in the CATIA Creative Community, visit the official site

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