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Leather is a hugely versatile material, one which still dominates luxury interiors because of its inherently suitable properties. The feel of leather, the smell, flexibility and its appearance have inspired designers for hundreds of years. Leather design expert Caroline Hartmann is presenting a webinar for Car Design News about Stahl’s 2018 Leather Trend Collection.


Being perceived as a traditional material can be unhelpful, particularly when young designers are creating interiors to appeal to youthful markets in regions where ‘luxury’ is interpreted differently, or where consumer tastes are rapidly evolving. So staying informed about the latest trends in leather is essential for anyone working in colour and materials. In this webinar, on Wednesday June 6, 1500 CEST, Caroline Hartmann, Fashion Team Designer at the Stahl Design Studio® will share her analysis of the trends for 2018 in leather. What’s hot and what’s not? Caroline will share her experiences of trend forecasting as a Fashion Team Designer at the Stahl Design Studio® and will address all your questions regarding interior material trends.


The Stahl Design Studio® tracks and analyses colour and material trends for automotive interiors, for synthetic materials and leather, creating a new ‘Automotive Leather Trend Collection’ each year, and every other year, creates one for synthetic materials. Trends in leather move fast, and designers look to Stahl’s analysis to understand the latest trends percolating through from the broader spheres of furniture and fashion design. The Stahl Design Studio® also supports customers in translating these trends into future product designs. For example, Stahl is involved in the interiors of the Rinspeed concept cars Etos, Oasis and Snap, all introduced and presented at CES 2018. To find out more, register for a complimentary pass to the Stahl Webinar on Car Design News.