Webinar: Simplified and fast high-end 3D with RTT DeltaPix
by CDN Team    21 Nov 2011
Explore design concepts in true-life quality. Click for larger images
The forthcoming RTT webinar will focus on efficient rendering options and integration with various process landscapes

The production of images and videos based on 3D data has become a standard routine for designers, engineers, and sales and marketing professionals. RTT DeltaPix aims to make production seamless and efficient by allowing as existing 3D models can be used as is. This complimentary webinar from CDN and RTT explains how you can bring your products to life, explore design concepts and communicate their intent with internal stakeholders, customers, and partners.

Existing 3D models can be used as is, allowing for seamless and efficient production
Friday's webinar will be hosted by Dennis Wagner

Hosted by CDN and presented by RTT's production manager Dennis Wagner, this webinar took place on December 7th at 15.30 (GMT). During the webinar, comprehensive insight into the functionality RTT DeltaPix was provided, including information on the variety of import options, synchronizing updates between CAD data and high-end visualizations, efficient rendering options, and integration with various process landscapes.

Dennis Wagner, product manager for RTT products RTT DeltaGen, RTT DeltaTex, and RTT DeltaPix hosted the webinar. He has a degree in computer science from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern.

Dennis began his career as a researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and joined SpheronVR AG in 2005 where he was head of software development, software architect, and product manager. He also worked as a software architect at Pharmatechnik, a Munich-based company, prior to joining RTT in 2011.

To view this webinar, click the link below:
RTT DeltaPix Webinar