Webinars: Autodesk presents improvements for Alias 2012
by CDN Team    13 Jul 2011
Rendering of the FR-1 concept car design highlighting advanced styling and surfacing. Click for larger images
Screen shot of the Surface Trimming tool (left) and the Panel Gap tool (right) available in Alias 2012
Detail of the FR1 concept car design highlighting advanced surfacing

New features and improvements in the latest Alias 2012 release are the subject of a complimentary webinar from Autodesk which took place on July 12, 2011.

Paul Deyo presented the Alias 2012 webinar
Screenshot of the new Revolve Tool available in Alias 2012

Presented by Paul Deyo, Senior Principal User Experience Designer at Autodesk, the webinar delved into the many improvements available on the new Alias software for 2012. It focused primarily on the enhanced efficiencies for combined workflows, curves manipulation across multiple surfaces and the multiple time saving features enabled by MS Draft, and the new Panel Gap tool.

With over 28 years' experience in transportation and industrial design, Deyo has been involved in scanning, modeling and visualization. He works with customers to understand their requirements and translate them into design tools.

Click on the link below to view the archived version of this complimentary online seminar to advance your existing knowledge of visualization and analysis tools for the entire shape-definition process, from concept sketches through Class-A surfacing: Webinar: Autodesk Alias 2012

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