Webinars: Autodesk - Virtual Design Workflow in Automotive
by Rufus Thompson    06 Sep 2012
Virtual modeling will be a big part of Uwe's upcoming webinar. Click for larger images
Demonstrations of various techniques will help viewers improve and utilize their skills in better and more efficient ways (above and below)

The second complimentary Webinar from Autodesk, entitled ‘Virtual Design Workflow in Automotive', has taken place, led by Industry Specialist for Technical Surfacing/Styling Uwe Rossbacher.

The idea of 'virtual clay' will also be explored

The design process in the automotive industry focused on virtual models/techniques along with physical 3D models. Each OEM tries to balance both processes in order to get the optimum in efficiency and styling quality.

This webinar introduced a combination of virtual techniques and physical 3D models. When it comes to virtual techniques in automotive design, there is free modeling in the concept phase, Class A modeling, NURBS modeling and the idea of virtual clay. 

These techniques were introduced in order to provide an understanding of the possibilities, meaning the audience came away with an knowledge of how to learn, utilize and implement these virtual shaping techniques.

Uwe Rossbacher brings 16 years of experience in surface modeling for the automotive industry to his role as Industry Specialist for Technical Surfacing/Styling at Autodesk.

Uwe's job involves identifying market requirements and communicating with designers worldwide to enable the development teams to deliver cutting-edge technology.

Before joining Autodesk, Uwe held technical positions at ICEM and Alias and most recently worked at a Volkswagen concept studio in Germany. Uwe received a Master's Degree in Technical Design from the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany.

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