Webinars: Autodesk Visualization
by CDN Team    24 Oct 2012
Image courtesy of Morgan Motors. Click for larger images

Autodesk's last Webinar in the recent four-part series, dubbed 'Visualization', is now available to view online for those who missed the live event.

The Webinar's aim was to teach participants how its new visualization technology can enhance the design development process. It also showed how it helps to share designs with peers and looked at the different visualization technologies and where they fit into the process.

Robin Oldroyd of Autodesk presented the Webinar and explained which tools are used at different stages of the design process. Oldroyd has strongly focused on Industrial design and visualization during his six-year stint at Autodesk, and has an in-depth of knowledge of solutions for creative design in Automotive, Transportation and consumer products.

He is currently a member of Autodesk Design, Lifecycle and Simulation Group, which focuses on supporting its creative design customers and partners within Northern Europe and larger customers worldwide.