Webinars: Concept Design with CATIA
18 Jan 2011
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As part of our successful ongoing webinar series, CDN hosted Concept Design with CATIA on Monday 17 January 2011. View the recorded webinar in our archive by clicking the above link or find out more in the original article below.

Presented by Xavier Melkonian, Director of CATIA Shape at Dassault Systemes, and Pierre Maheut, Creative Designer and Product Expert, the complimentary webinar showcased the wealth of possibilities available to creative designers, and outlined the innovative workflow based on virtual clay models and interactive raytracing.


Xavier Melkonian, Director of CATIA Shape at Dassault Systemes
Pierre Maheut, Creative Designer and Product Expert

If boosting design innovation and creativity are your key challenges and you would like to express your 3D sculpting ability whilst working on color and materials and their behavior with your shapes, this webinar could well be the solution you're looking for.

Dassault's goal with this webinar is to enable you to discover a new way of working creatively in 3D - both on shapes and materials - with easy-to-learn and simple-to-use 3D virtual clay models for speed modeling and interactive raytracing. Boost creativity directly in 3D with virtual clay modeling for 3D ideation and interactive rendering.

Easy and accessible; Dassault says these are the themes behind the flexibility and power of CATIA Industrial Design - a unified solution dedicated to creative designers' workflow to boost their creativity in shapes and materials. The new design solution is based on subdivision surfaces, surface modeling and mental Images iRay technology for interactive rendering, allowing creative designers access to the ease and speed of 3D modeling and virtual clay modeling. At the same time, Dassault says the software allows designers to study and work with the combined behavior of shapes and materials without any compromise on quality.

Part of a continuing complimentary series from CDN the 45-minute webinar is free to view or download.

Click the link below to view the webinar now:
Concept Design with CATIA

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